Human ancestors had a strange gait



The latest study of anatomy immediate ancestors of man can shed light on his life, and not only. For example, researchers have suggested that human ancestors went a completely different way than previously believed. It is possible that before people moved slightly pigeon-toed gait.

First Australopithecus sediba skeletons were found in 2008, 9-year-old son of one of the scientists in South Africa — the cradle of humanity, where archaeologists have repeatedly found the remains of our ancestors. Australopithecus — a

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Prayer snake god

January 23, 2013 3:03

In the metropolitan area was once highly respected reptiles.

In the coming year the Snake "sacred capital" of Russia should become a forgotten ancient village, located a few hundred kilometers from Moscow — after all the places have been chosen by our ancestors for temple snake god.

There is a danger of habit confusing, so let's just be clear: we are not talking about "women" and the "man" title. So Shatura with the famous Power Plant "Get out of the brackets," and all we pay attention to the location of a half dozen miles from

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Diets ancestors of humans and chimpanzees diverged 3 million years ago

Paleontologists compared the proportion of carbon isotopes in the tooth enamel of Australopithecus, and found that the ancestors of humans and chimpanzees have moved to different diets 3 million years ago, 1.5 million years earlier than previously thought, according to a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In the last decade, paleontologists have noted that the fossil teeth of mammals are keeping the traces of their diet. For example, the ratio of carbon isotopes in the teeth of ancient hominids, you can determine whether they ate leaves and fruit of plants from the forest

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Israel: people have got over 300 thousand fossils years ago




Israeli researchers have "caught" our ancestors at the time of the start of mining operations for the manufacture of tools. The discovery gives reason to believe that the inhabitants of the cave was mined flint and 300 thousand years ago, while their neighbors are used only by

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Mystic Mirror




"One day, being in the city of Lviv, I went to the famous historic cemetery where there were many ancient tombs and crypts. Was attached to the tour, and after graduation became acquainted with the guide. We got to talking, and I invited him to their famous

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Riddle dolmen Mara


Tangible evidence of our ancestors stay in the Caucasus in ancient times are the dolmens. Weight dolmens reaches more than 70 tons were manufactured, they are usually made of sandstone, having a large quartz inclusions. Scientists determine the age of dolmens 4-6 millennia.

In the middle of the twentieth century, a group of archeologists led by LI Lavrov, he began studying the dolmens. By 1960, they wrote a catalog of 1,139 dolmens of the North Caucasus. In the second half of the twentieth century, a lot of work done to systematize the dolmens team led

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Paganism …

Paganism — Please accept this word is not in terms of religious dogma, but as a set of philosophical ideas of ancient ancestors, who did not know the word, but meant by it something more sacred, magical than we now impose, distorting the true meaning of Russian …

I write this article prompted the ignorance of our people, who does not know and does not want to know the history of his family (and the one who is not interested in the history of our species, and who consider themselves above it, plays community of peoples, acquiring in return name

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Life-giving ceremonies

Life-giving ceremonies are necessary and integral part of the life of every Slav. They provide their spiritual development as a person Dazhbog grandson, a descendant of the Gods of Light. Playing to the life-giving ceremonies for the harmonization of Rod Ruska, self-construction of the Holy Warth (Varna, states) of the Aryan society.



Rite of naming — an obligatory component of human spiritual development. The purpose of the ritual is the communion Rusin (Slav) to Great Rod Slavic and streamlining its spirit and soul. Spirit — is the quality of the person, the soul — its

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Praise, Svarga, Slavs

Praise— Nav light, the lower the level of heavenly divine, home to the spirits of our ancestors. Praise is the world of the gods, and where we and our ancestors tried to get, subconsciously remembering that rusichi — children bogov.Otsyuda Orthodoxy, ancient Russian concept, has tens of thousands of years and has its roots in ancient Vedic Russian national religion, which described a world order with the concepts of "Reality" (the material world), "Nav" ( world prototype), "right" (the world forms) and "Glory" (the creative world) — (four-level structure of world order) — while the Russian people have praised

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The concept of the World Tree

Tree — the Slavic character, symbolizing the unity and cooperation of all the three times: past, present and future.

The trunk represents the present, ourselves. What is under the ground — the roots of the tree represent the past time of our ancestors. Crohn embodies future — our children.

The roots of the tree represent our roots — first the father and mother, and then our grandparents, then great-grandfather great-grandmother, then many generations of our ancestors. Then among our ancestors begins wildlife. … Then there are the elements — air, water, fire, earth, metal! Then go

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