Generic Kummiry

Kummir — is the embodiment of our ancient gods, ancestors, and the Guardians of the Warriors.

For centuries Kummiry represent spirituality Slavic-Aryan and are symbols of ancestor worship. In Russia, at all times, and to this day Kummiry create around themselves a kind of areolas, which Russ communicate with the gods and ancestors, do them bring their glory and honor, and "Wanted." Kummїr — is the image of the God of heaven world of rules. The word consists of two nouns: "godfather" — "relative" and "the world" — "community", "kind", "universe". That is "Kummїr" — a relative of the whole

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Secret heritage of their ancestors: dolls, cast out evil

Dolls — lore. Photo:

Modern medicine has a lot, but, alas, not all. Why does not hurt to remember the old ways of protection from ailments that were in use in our ancestors — protecting them from disease. To some this may seem frivolous, but you see, our ancestors were healthier this generation.

Every work requires love

In Russia, has long made doll charms. And each doll was his destiny and his own name. Make "doll health" and everyone can, the main thing — do it with love and a belief that it will certainly help.

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That is closer to us: Feng Shui or traditions of their ancestors?




In recent years, this phrase has become very fashionable — it simply by hearing from avid gardeners. In fact, it is translated from Chinese means "wind and water". Feng Shui — the ancient Chinese art of arranging the surroundings — home, garden plot, office. Established a whole

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Brilliant geometry. Traces mysterious ancestors

January 24, 2012 23:50

The program takes almost 7000 years ago and explores the remarkable geometric creations of our ancestors, from circular shafts dating from about the 6th century BC to the Baroque town planning of the German city of Karlsruhe.

USA: Egyptian ancestors lived in tents




Scientists from Egypt and the United States made an important archaeological discovery. As told journalists on Monday in Cairo, Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni, found in the Western Desert is the oldest settlement on the territory of the country a person related to the early Neolithic period.

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In the Brazilian museum is the skeleton of an alien?




The editor of «Brazilian UFO Magazine» J. Zhivayya learned that in the "Museum of Natural History", the Uberaba (piece of Minas Gerais) is a very strange skeleton, possibly of alien origin. This museum is a private, family-owned Estevanovichey whose ancestors at the end of XIX century, toured

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Who are the lunatics?

December 3, 2011 20:34

Healthy people, experiencing a moment in a dream dreams remain with fixed or, at least, do not leave the bed. Sleepwalker is continuing to sleep, leaving the bed and goes for a walk or automatically performs the work that he was dreaming. Having done his job, he returns to bed and sleeping peacefully until the morning, and waking up, can not remember anything about his nocturnal adventures.

A. Lehmann tells about an educated man, somnambulant: "One night he was caught for a translation from Italian to French, he rummaged in the lexicon, and a loss for

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The myth of the Russian drunkenness

People tend to think well of yourself. Usually, even better than they really are. This applies to entire nations, has always tried to create a very positive opinion of himself. But not a Russian, with amazing masochism cultivating currently the most negative stereotypes, and with reference to the classics all, they say, "drink", "steal" (Karamzin), "lazy and incurious" (Pushkin), want to have them, Emel, were all "wave of the wand …"

So if this is true or all of the myths? Where did that come from? About themselves came up with, or who suggested? Do these statements and the

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All that was not me, I remember …

In our life many puzzling phenomena. They would seem to be impossible under any circumstances, however — there. Official science in most cases, such as, for example, comes to telepathy or bioenergy, simply deny the phenomenon, the nature of which can not be explained. That does not prevent each of us from time to time to feel their presence, or even influence.

Phenomenon about which we are talking today, from the same series. Try to understand — what is the genetic or genetic memory, where it comes from and what its presence threatens us — or rather, what it

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Shaman new age

April 27, 2012 4:39


We live in the era of the ancient traditions and knowledge. Now more and more cultural, religious and even any other form of social consciousness give way to ancient knowledge. Thus, that of the ancestors and from the very beginning started. This is our time — summing up, the start of a new time in history — the return of the Golden Age.

It was predicted, all the myths and legends of the Golden Age of the Earth ended prophecy of his return to the end of time. Him hard stone, when

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