DECLARATION Slavic-Aryan Academy of Sciences. On the basis of the universe and the history of Mankind

On the basis of the universe and the history of Mankind


Slavo-Aryan Academy of Sciences on the subject of his research

This declaration is based on ancient documents, chronicles, materials Old Believer communities and other various written and oral sources Aryans, Slavs and other peoples of the Earth, as well as modern science to create a historical and philosophical core research subject Slavic-Aryan Academy of Sciences (hereinafter — the Academy ). The

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Word about Rodnoverie

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Slavic Rodnoverie — a natural, traditional, national faith. Endoethnonym religions speaks for itself: the Buddha — Buddhism, Christ — Christianity, Krishna — Krishnaism. Slavic native Rod — Rodnoverie. That it holds claim to adequate understanding of the world.

Rodnoverie relies on the natural system of natural values, the way is really like this world. Rodnoverie is, by and large, only an adequate understanding of the world, that is, understanding of the world as it really is and learning how to live in this world. It helps people to recognize themselves as part of nature, living

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Hypothesis: Dinosaurs — degraded people


All somehow interested in how and under what circumstances were terrible monsters of the Mesozoic — dinosaurs. But far more intriguing question — how do they come from?

Evolutionists believe that their ancestors were bipedal, conodonts are like crocodiles and sometimes as much as six feet of growth, and that the direct ancestors of dinosaurs pseudosuchian ("false crocodiles") went on straightened hind legs, leaning on the whole foot, as do modern people.

Even the meanest posts on this topic always looked intriguing. Interest compounded by the fact that in many parts of the world

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The ancient Maya

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Mayans called hallucinations with the aid of vomiting

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Director galleries pursues unknown creature

October 7, 2012 3:16

Removing the mystery novel "Shadows unforgotten ancestors," Lubomir Levitsky faced with mysticism in life.

The director claims that the shot on a mobile phone otherworldly creature in the Carpathians called "Lisno." The case was two years ago, during the pre-production of the film "Saw." In the video, which laid out the network Lubomir really see something resembling the outline of a human figure. However, this is debatable. That's what it is impossible to argue with is the fact that the counterpart Lubomir, who was with him at this point in the forest was taken to

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Day of God elevated

GOD elevated — the patron god of the universe in the Navi Light Worlds, ie in the worlds of fame. Caring and mighty Father God Svarog. Fair judge to resolve any disputes that arise between the Gods of various world between people.

He patronized Mnogomudrym our ancestors in their quest to progress on the Path of Spiritual Development and Perfection, and protects all Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings when they walk in the footsteps of his great ancestor, Vyshen God is God the patron of the Hall of Finist Svarog Circle.

Vyshen strict with those who seek

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Vedic account the multidimensional worlds

In ancient times, the Slavs have always known that the world is multi-dimensional, as the knowledge obtained from the Vedas. Think of Alexander Pushkin's "Ruslan and Lyudmila":

"A green oak, a golden chain on the oak …

There miracles there goblin wanders mermaid sitting on the branches. "

Why would it suddenly with a fish tail mermaid sitting on a tree? Not about whether the intersection of two parallel worlds, it says here?

In the Vedas, we can find the answer to this question.

It turns out, used to be a 4 "subsistence": Reality, law, Nav, glory. Now we have

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Days of Christmas Carols — 22-27 December.

Our planet is periodically pole shift and climate change, which radically affect life on Earth.

Many are under the water, in the silence of the ocean depths. And the achievements of previous civilizations are forgotten, sunk into oblivion, but not into oblivion .. In such difficult times of growth or decline of the human races, we come to the aid of wise mentors, teachers humans, embodied in the bodies of the leader and the Magi, coming as Saviour (Savior), leading the nations, bringing them back to the path leading to the

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Kind Aces wisdom uttered for posterity-minded people!

Kind Aces wisdom uttered for posterity-minded people! Our descendants, sources Ingle (Divine Wisdom Zhiznerodyaschego Sacred Fire) is transmitted by word and creates connection with ancestors like the equator of the Earth Reveal (in this case the so-called Earth), uniting the North and South Poles.

The relationship between the world and the world of the ancestors of the Earth stated Conscience aces (children) like the Earth's equator separates the positive and negative pole of Midgard. (The ancient and the present name of our Earth means "Heartland")

Downward Heavenly Wisdom is like a river of life and has the keys

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