A world without gods

It is difficult to paleontologists. More recently, just remember all the genealogical tree: praobezyany generated apes, those made Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons, they gave birth, and even these were almost modern humans. Now different theories more, and each claims to be the ultimate truth. And in such circumstances to recreate a picture of prehistoric life? For example, those of Cro-Magnons, who lived just south of Moscow, 20,000 years ago. But we still try to do it.

These were outstanding people. Compared with other tribes they are very much able. Build strong houses, figurines carved out of stone and bone, were making

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Neanderthals disappeared because they eat people?

Mysterious disappearance of Neanderthals about 30 thousand years ago, a worried minds of scientists.

Now French researchers have found that the fate of this species was sad. In their view, Neanderthals were eaten by our ancestors. At the conclusion of this prompted the recent excavations.

This is evidenced by teeth marks, cracks and fractures discovered by archaeologists on the bones of Neanderthals during excavations in Leroy in southwest France. Teeth marks are the same as on the bones of deer and other animals eaten by our ancestors in the Stone Age. Scientists believe that people ate meat, and necklaces

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Forum Friends: WEEK memory of ancestors

In memory of those who died were assigned a week — Week of the memory of ancestors. Therefore, we have after Christmas Carols in a while there comes the memory of ancestors Week — 9 days commemorates all his ancestors, all their ancestors. But while people celebrated that met the living and the feasts celebrated by ancestors murdered and missing that those who did not return, and in general for all of your ancestors, Perun at the time what he was doing? And he went all this undead evil forces destroyed. Menard ie hence the word: MENA. Description of

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Dziady — grandfathers in Russian. Belarusian national day of memory of ancestors

In late November, around the world, some people celebrate Halloween — an old Celtic festival. Meanwhile, we, Belarusians have their holiday derived from the same root as Halloween, but I think, more appropriate and kind.

This holiday is called — Dzyady. In the state calendar of holidays and celebrations, it is fixed on November 2, but generally celebrated in the last days of October and / or the first days of November. Popular calendar in such cases is not always accurately recorded — the date can vary from village to village.

Let's start with the translation.

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Dolmen Mary


Jaroslav stone. Krasnodar.

Our ancestors long ago inhabit the territory of the North Caucasus. In accordance with preserved sources happen more are believed to 20,000 years ago. Proof of this are the names of geographical locations of the Caucasus, most of whom are of Slavic origin. Even the word CAV-KZ, as some researchers, has perhaps the Old Slavic origin and means "dividing line". Many place names match the names of Slavic heroes and gods.

Tangible evidence of our ancestors stay in

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Stones oblivion

Before the days came a distant

The reflection, the proud stone

And the feat of current Russia

Let it be the future of the Brain!

A. Twardowski

The history of ancient times, a very difficult thing. We well know what happened in Russia in the last 350 years. Delving deep into the centuries for another 500 years, we begin to gradually lose the connection to time and generations. There is not enough historical data and archaeological findings. Gradually, there are myths and legends. Trust the church and monastery writings,

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Aliens are flying to the Earth are our ancestors and creators.


Life on the planet goes on: sunset and sunrise, still indicate the beginning and the end of the day, people work, rest, travel, replenishing itself with new experiences and thoughts. But very soon all this idyll can be reversed by moving in our minds already familiar things and concepts. The reason for that is closer to the Earth three unidentified flying objects (Full details here).

And if you give this issue a little more attention, all appear quite predictable and logical. The fact that Andrey Roerich in his book, "Life. Instructions for use"

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Proved: Ural elk — the oldest on the planet geoglyph

Scientists are faced with new mysteries around an ancient image

Last year, the local historian Alexander Shestakov led blagoustroytsvom National Park Zyuratkul. And casually opened the artifact world significance keen eye of the scientist did not disappoint.

For example, the famous ancient city of Arkaim in Chelyabinsk region, archaeologists have identified with the floor look. While up to them in these steppes visited hundreds of ordinary people. A similar story happened with geoglyphs elk.

— Walking at the foot of Alexander noticed — it was too uneven grass growing — told fellow archaeologist Shestakov Stanislav Grigoryev. — Signs and

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The future of the Earth in the hands of the Hopi

Hopi Indians still live on reservations in the north-eastern part of Arizona (USA). Oraybi — the unofficial capital of the local Indians, and the number of the tribe, only about 6,000 people. The settlement appeared in this region at the beginning of the VIII century. But, as always, here there is a matriarchy.

The tribe is divided into 30 clans. At the head of each is the oldest woman that "part-time" serves as the shaman, communicating with the dead ancestors. Usually the woman by nature endowed with the gift of clairvoyance and healing. The men are busy Hopi women

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His feng shui existed not only in China but also in Russia


Feng shui is the traditional Chinese science, but we have our own system devices at home. Our ancestors were building and settled in their homes is not in a chaotic manner, everywhere looked through a rigorous system of planning. In particular, almost all traditional Russian huts carved doors on the south side, "to the sun."

The cult of the sun or Yarila, as it was called the ancient Slavs remained even after the Rus adopted Christianity. Jari — the god of the sun, which protects love, spring and fertility. This is the

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