The last pharaoh and the fall of ancient Egypt

In 30 BCE, a love affair between a powerful queen and a respected military leader caused scandal in Rome and ultimately brought about the end of a royal dynasty

Cleopatra VII remains an icon of both the ancient and modern world. Today, she continues to captivate and puzzle historians, remaining one of history’s most enchanting and enigmatic figures.

The alliance of Mark Antony and Cleopatra changed the face of the world. A coalition which began as a political statement soon evolved into a tumultuous, and later tragic, love affair.

Despite her florid reputation, Cleopatra took only two lovers — both

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Plump, Juicy & Sweet

Grapes alone are deliciously snaccable, but these recipes show just how wonderful they can be for cooking

Grapes are so ancient that their vines conquered the world long before people were on the planet. Pretty much since our arrival, however, we have been tinkering with them: for example, in the Piedmont Mountains of Italy you can still see evidence of late Bronze Age vineyard posts used to train grapevines. And for almost as long, we have been trying to find a way to make grapes bigger, sweeter. Girdling, a practice in use since the ancient Greeks, can pump up grape

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STUDY ancient languages ​​of Asia Minor and comparative grammar of Indo-European languages

The value of previously unknown languages.

Over the past half of the 20th century enriched linguistics study of a number of previously unknown ancient language. I hardly need to say how important not only for linguistics but also for the study of ancient history, is the discovery and study of monuments in languages ​​such as Hittite, Urartian, Phoenician and others.

The accumulated during the 19th and 20th centuries and re-entering the result of archaeological research (for example, found in 1947 in Kara-Tepe Phoenician-ieroglificheskohettskaya bilingual and others.) Extensive epigraphic material opens up tremendous opportunities for in-depth study of ancient languages

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Paganism — is the oldest religion in the world. It has absorbed many thousands of wisdom, knowledge, history, and culture. In our time, the pagans call those who practice the old faith to the rise of Christianity.

And, for example, the ancient Jews were considered pagan religions all beliefs, not recognizing Yahweh, or refused to follow his law. Ancient Roman legions conquered the peoples of the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. At the same time, and it was the victory over local beliefs. These religions of other peoples 'languages' were called pagan. They were given the right

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World history of syphilis

Syphilis — a disease studied far and wide. But until now scientists around the world can not come to a consensus, where did this disease and how to capture the entire planet. Haiti and Africa, America and India … For the right to be the birthplace of syphilis can not argue fewer seats than the right to be called a city, the birthplace of Homer.

Who is to blame?

In March 1494 the mighty Charles VIII, collecting huge by the standards of the time, the army, the government has declared war on Naples and moved his troops

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Millennial Novgorod bowl restored in Hermitage

It took nearly three months of the masters of the State Hermitage Museum to refurbish trehkilogrammovy kratir (chalice for communion), made of silver at the end of XI century Constantin Costa-master for the Cathedral of St. Sophia Novgorod Kremlin. 

Past nearly ten centuries spared a masterpiece of ancient casting stamping and carving. Bowl a few deformities, severe damage appeared to handle kratira and gilding, any cracks, traces of rations, oxides and dirt.

Scientists Hermitage not only managed to restore the original appearance kratira — remove tin solder oxides stain and strain to laser soldering

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Syktyvkar gone for new experiences

To the north, Russia go for new experiences, health, knowledge and testing, hunting and fishing trophies. In the Republic of Komi has all the conditions for the development of tourism: the unique historical and cultural monuments, lively festivals and ceremonial traditions, extensive grounds with a variety of landscapes and climatic features.

But the way this neblizok, for large distances in the region, and on the way meets a curious lot. So the best way to travel in the region — on the train.

Is embarking on a journey from the capital of the Komi Republic

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Old Monastery

In the middle of the field, the island shines with golden domes of the old monastery — Nativity of St. Lukianova men's deserts.

The old monastery generously reveals her beauty.

The ancient walls of Nativity of Holy Lukianovoy male desert — the very embodiment of Russian antiques, old monastery.



The old monastery, Nativity of St. Lukianova male deserts, founded in the 17th century by St. Lucian.

Leisurely stroll through the old

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Chinese ancestors were aliens


Striking parallels can be observed between the Chinese religious and mythological beliefs and what is written in their ancient books. Some scholars suggest that the knowledge inherited from the Chinese heavenly civilization.

The Chinese have believed that the Celestial Empire founded by their ancestors came down from the moon. Ancient Chinese scholars praised "sui blue" — glowing orbs, considering that these mysterious objects are huge omnipotent entity. In Cicero's «De Divinatione» also has a description of strange spherical objects in the sky over Rome.

These verbal patterns are supported by findings on the mysterious island

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A new theory of the formation of the ancient continents

A new theory of the formation of the ancient continents Facts

The structure of the Earth can be compared with oranges: its bark like skin, covered with a thick mantle. By its parameters bark 30-40 kilometers deep, and be looser than the thinner oceanic crust.

"According to the new theory, the first continental crust formed when tectonic plates collide, plunging oceanic crust into the Earth's mantle. There is partially melted at the approximate depth of 100 kilometers. This molten rock and formed the first continent, "- said study author Thorsten Nigel, professor at the Institute of Geosciences Steinmann in Bonn.

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