You’re my Shibari Shibari.

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Shibari (or Sibari) — Japanese art of erotic rope binding. The word in Japanese means «to bind, tie; enough to arrest. » Sometimes practicing shibari get pleasure from the process of binding, in other cases, it ends the sexual act.

Shibari — it is amazingly beautiful. Photographs of models, braided rope, fascinating. Chubby and slender, with a pear-shaped figure with the figure or not fledging teenager — woman, braided network of ropes, seem fragile and delicate, sensual and passionate. Their bodies — like entangled in a web. Patterns of nodules bizarre shackle arms, chest, thighs and abdomen.

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Or time to pay the prices?

Representative of the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis Olga Yakimovitch said that the real income takes into account the price index. And it was during this period of about 107.4 percent: "Revenue growth covers the rise in prices. And wages increased, and increased pensions, scholarships increased. Revenues from supplies also increased. So makarom, all components of the population of foreign exchange earnings for the period increased. Those revenues increased business. In municipal organizations. Interest on deposits and dividends. " CLADES sleep with one price and get up on the otherNear one of the shops I met in Minsk housewives who

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It happens that heart starts beating 'wrong' — is too slow or too fast, or pounding one after the other at different time intervals, and then suddenly appears extraordinary, the "excess" of its reduction, or conversely, pause, "loss". In medicine, such states are called cardiac arrhythmias. They occur because of problems in the conduction system of the heart, providing regular and consistent reduction of the heart muscle. Another group of diseases of the system — heart block.

Many of the blockade, there are invisible to the patient, but often indicate the presence of another disease of the heart.

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Why authorities are unwilling and unable to speak with the public?

On Thursday meeting inhabitants of Minsk dissatisfied liquidation Sevastopol park, with control of the district administration occurred in the presence of police and special forces operatives camera. Why did the authorities can speak with a population only by force? Maybe if the creation of "country people" without the participation of the people? How to respond to this society? Participants sociologist Sergei Nikoliuk and methodological Matskevich.Strength as a communication mechanismValery Karbalevich"In the near future all local conflicts often occur between the population and the local authorities. Pukhovichi In the area people protest against the construction of chemical plant. Minsk dwellers protesting

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C.Aleksievich: We expect not revolution — is creeping evolution

Who says Svetlana Aleksievich a Belarusian mentality affects the current state of society th country. Ulitenok: "The current Belarus — this is an obvious continuation Atlyantydy Russian or she added some new ones, and maybe even symbolic traits in psychology?"Aleksievich: "In a sense, while there is currently suspended politically. But who such Belarusian? It is still a man of the farm mentality: he wants to change, but do not want the shock. Almost everything in the current government it familiar, conventional, these people tolerated. And with On the other hand they go looking, heed, behold the world, built, acquire unusual

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End quote: 17.05.2008 — 23.05.2008

"According to this decision in the police department should hang and other price lists. For example, baton costs 10 thousand rubles, the introduction of handcuffs — 15 thousand, and so on. But this is nonsense!"Andrew Tomchyn, public activist — on the decision of the Gomel City Executive Committee, according to which the representatives of political parties and public organizations in order to picket or rally at the site of the street Jubilee should make an agreement with the police department for the protection of public order during mass events, from the central city hospital — honey service with the utility

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Release of political prisoners compensate other reprisals

First deputy chairman of the BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka, commenting on the human rights situation, draws attention to the fact that in the near future Belarus reduced the list of political prisoners:"And it is very excellent, and there is, of course, fundamentally due to the very position of the U.S. and the Euro Union. On the other hand, new people planted. On the other hand, the release of political prisoners is compensated by another kind of repression. This massive administrative landing, this exclusion from school. Now put pressure on those students who were in jail last week. "Coordinator of the organizing

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Why do we communicate?

Communication (or communication) — is not a fad, and the implementation of our specific needs. Communication performs several important functions for us.

1. We communicate to satisfy the need for communication. By nature, people — are social creatures, and also in desperate need of other people, as well as food, water and shelter. Two people can watch nice chat about different things, and in a few days, none of them will remember about what was discussed. Because of depth to their conversation was not a discussion of some burning topics, and address the need to communicate.


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How sex affects our lives?

As it turned out, sex — it's not only fun, combined with the ability to conceive. Scientists have found that regular sexual life stimulates mental activity trains the heart and even prolong life. But under certain conditions, sex can threaten men with prostate cancer, and women — cervical cancer.

Sex and the Brain

Researchers from Hamburg found that regular sexual activity has a positive effect on mental abilities: during intercourse stimulates the gray matter of the brain cells. And if it is done systematically, the high activity of the cells stored permanently. And the level of intelligence, as

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How to store our memories

One of the leading researchers in the field of memory — Elizabeth Loftus of the University of Washington found that any event that brings to mind is restored accurately. That which we call a memory in relation to any event, in fact, is its reconstruction. Loftus studies have shown that when you play memory uses a new and previously-existing information to fill in the gaps in our memories.

Memories are not as stable as we are accustomed to thinking: over time, they can change. This was confirmed by a series of experiments.

The experiment was the first

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