V.Levaneuski: Toward Freedom, too, need to get used to

Last political prisoner Valery Levonevsky read on the phone with Alexander Kozulin, in what has congratulated ex-presidential candidate exit to freedom. It is clear that Alexander Kozulin postponed the meeting with journalists, which had planned to spend now on Wednesday, August 20. Valery Levonevsky not surprised that Alexander Kozulin refrains from contacts with journalists:

After all, he was in a very different world

"It is clear that so ask those who did not was sitting. Citizen must get used to, look around. Bullpen — is not that coveted — looked telly, read a newspaper, he talked with someone. Now he’s

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Tatyana Kim: I do not want mercy, I, I want justice ‘

July 22 board of the Minsk City Court discerned complaints 10 of 14 inmates of the protesters on 10 January. Let me remind you, it was a rally in Minsk, where entrepreneurs protested against restrictions on the right to hire workers. After the rally, police arrested a number of its participants, they were convicted by the Administrative Code, and 14 public activists were later sentenced to the same as criminal offenders. Among them Andrew Kim, who was sentenced 1.5 years in prison. 7 more of the protesters were sentenced to two years probation, and got 2 huge fines. According to

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Andrei Kim was allowed to visit with his girlfriend

On the days are still in Minsk remand visited his girlfriend Luba Titov. That’s what the woman told about Andrew for "Freedom":"Time proparhalo very rapidly, it seems, is not enough to talk. Looks good. With all eyes already perfectly pachyrvanennyav not, he said, that began prepyadstviya teeth. A partially mood is not bad." Month reverse Andrei Kim arranged for healing in republican prison clinic with an eye infection. During their stay in the clinic with him met a mother Tatiana Kim. According to mum activist, he lamented the overcrowding in the chamber, no freshest air.Recall Central Tribunal Minsk sentenced Andrei

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Andrei Kim was transferred to Volodarka unhealthy eyes?

Activist Andrei Kim transferred from the prison clinic the day before yesterday again in Minsk detention center, said mother of the political prisoner Tatyana Kim. Duty insulator which is confirmed not say in what state of health returned Andrei Kim. More than 2-weeks reversed activist put to the clinic with an eye disease. May 7th Tatyana Kim seen in the clinic with her son. The lady says that the offspring did not look quite healthy."Better steel eyes, but I think that is not yet completely ozdoroveli. On Wednesday, when I talked to him, still lighted eyes looked."I recall Central Tribunal

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Defendants expect justification

April 16, 10 people were tried. 4 more youth activists will be tried later. The prosecutor asked Andrew Romaszewski punish accused of organizing group actions Tipo entailed violation of public order, just 23 years. Andrei Kim imprisonment, other — restriction of freedom for various periods of time.At 10 am in the building of the Central Court district of Minsk people will gather to support Young people, which blamed the gross violation of public order on January 10 during the promotion business. Andrei Kim — the only one who was being held, still blame that he knocked a traffic policeman during

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The prosecutor asked for the accused from 2 to 2.5 years

The prosecutor asked punish sp.Ramashevski Misha Pashkevich, Alexey Bondar and Artem Dubski restriction of freedom for 2 years (so called "chemistry"); Andrei Kim — 2 years imprisonment to be served in the colony; Tatiana Tsishkevich, Chernyshev Ales, Ales Streltsov, Vladimir Sergeyev, Misha Krivova and Anton Koipish punished by restriction of freedom for 2.5 years without sending them to penitentiary.Lawyer Andrew Kim Tamara Fedorenko in his speech said that the criminal case and the Tribunal has previously chains adrezhysavanaga scenario. She directed attention to the fact that the investigators on the form where there was a list of the accused, were

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The case of Andrei Kim: ordered a new trial

The trial of a public activist Andrei Kim started at 14 o’clock in the Central District Court of Minsk. Support came his defenders, associates, politicians (Alexander Milinkevich, Anatoly Liabedzka, Vintsuk Vyachorka, Lavon Barshcheuski, Nicholas Statkevich and others). Representatives of the South American Embassy and the OSCE. In the courtroom could get far, not all of those who came to support Kim — others remained in the corridors of the building and on the street. In the cage for the defendants led Andrei Kim. He was dressed in a T-shirt with the words "Where the spirit of the Lord is, there

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Picket in support of Andrei Kim in Moscow

In picket involved representatives of the Belarusian diaspora in Moscow, as activists, "Defence". The protesters for a day or one changing each other, stand in front of the embassy with flags and banners, demanding the release of Andrei Kim.Information:www.maskva.netwww.oborona.org

Andrei Kim will be judged on April 1

Andrei Kim was being held on January 21. He was detained during the dispersal businessmen. At first, he served 10 days in jail for his role in an unregistered organization, and later he was transferred to Minsk remand. Andrei Kim was accused of dangers traffic policeman who detained youth activists.

A. Kim A.Makaev requests release on bail

Makaeu requests to change the measure of restraint with A. Kim custody on bail and are willing to pledge as security about 500 baselines.Similar application filed and mother of Andrei Kim.Recall, a member of the unregistered youth organization "Initiative" Andrei Kim was detained on January 21 during the dispersal businessmen. He was arrested for his role in an unsanctioned rally and later charged in a criminal case under article (threat or act violently against a policeman). Tags: political prisoners, Macau, deposit com

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