On the day I speak to Andrew Smith, his photographs are on show in Sheffield’s Winter Gardens — the black and white tones of his work set on rugged metal display stands which act as a sharp contrast against the leafy, succulent backdrop of the glass house interior. It’s a little snowdome of the Sheffield landscape in general, where heavy industry shares space with green parks and rolling hills.

His Steel Soul exhibition, and the book which has been released simultaneously to celebrate 100 years of stainless steel, tells the story of life in one of the city’s biggest, and

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Andrew Lenitsky

A young, talented singer, who blew up the Internet with their creativity. Yes, we are talking about Andrew Lenitsky. To his credit has a lot of songs that are very popular among users of social networks. The number of subscribers of Andrei in the social network «Vkontakte» dostigaet435 thousand!

Andrew, tell me, how did you start playing music?

This is a very long story, but I’ll briefly. When I studied at the Lyceum at HNADU after 9th grade, we had a small circle of artistic activities in which I was dragged by force and forced teachers to sing, but

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Vladimir A. Andrey always informed us on how much and where he was going. He returned from the shooting, immediately called: «How are you?» The last call was the twenty-eighth of February. «I leave, — he says — from Simferopol.» And the silence. Mother worried: it would be necessary to go to him, certain that something had happened, but twirled in business and did not go. A sixth of March I called our friend from Togliatti and said …

Anna G.: I am went to the market every day I go, even if they do not have anything

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What conditions are expected Andrei Klimov in Mozyr colony?

Yuri Barynkau policeman, Acting Head of the Department of Execution of Punishment, refused to speak to the correspondent of "Freedom", which sent an opposition politician.But in a remand prison, where former deputy held more than six months, managed to get clear information regarding Klimova yesterday, October 10, he was sent to Mozyr colony serious mode.Which policy criteria have to live 18 months?Here’s what he said about Mozyr colony serious mode journalist Sergei L., which several years ago visited the colony as an employee of a local newspaper:"Earlier there was dispensary for alcoholics. Colony is not in town and out of

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In Vilnius veritas in Minsk

Listen:Output book was the result of the poetry contest, which conducted the Belarusian PEN Center the centennial of the newspaper "Nasha Niva". Curators — critic Anna Kislitsyna and poet Andrei Khadanovich. Andrew Khadanovich time opening presentation creators said about the collection:"Very attractive, like me, a group not only poets, and novelists. Partially Belarusian-speaking, and those who write in Russian: Followers of the Republican contest" Century " Nasha Niva . "I think this is not the last in Minsk in Belarus and the presentation of this book. Very beautiful, like me, the choice of the creators."With 80 sent creators jury elected

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Tatyana Klimova: The Tribunal held without Andrei

Andrei Klimov wife Tatiana seen her husband in remand, where opposition politician delayed exactly seven months.The meeting was accomplished few hours after, October 2 as the Minsk City Tribunal upheld the verdict configurations Andrei Klimov.I recall the former deputy was sentenced to two years imprisonment colony in serious mode for the article on the Web. "Andrew does not commented City Court’s decision to approve the earlier sentence. Took courage. Anyway, he did not complain, "- said Tatiana Klimova.That’s what Tatyana Klimova told about what they saw in the Minsk city court during the hearing of the appeal against the sentence

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Brest 2-judged public activists

According to human rights activist Vladimir Kislyak, police detained Pauline Panasiuc recently in the structure of the Metropolitan District Court. Vitaly Symonik interceded for the lady, and it also handcuffed.Yesterday in court of the Metropolitan District of Brest was punished with arrest for 15 days of a member of the movement "For Freedom" Andrew Sharenda. 62 thousand rubles Tribunal fined Raman Kislyak. Both accused of participating in an unsanctioned August 19 meeting. Tribunal considers such presentation book Paul Sevyarinets "Letters from the forest."• Brest Andrew Sharenda sentenced to 15 days, 26.09.2007 • Brest detained human rights activist Raman Kislyak, 26.09.2007

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Brest: Andrew Sharenda sentenced to 15 days

According to Vladimir Velichkina Andrew Sharenda — one of the main favorites of the youth movement in the Brest region."Power tends to isolate it from the public in an organization" Public march "and other autumn opposition rallies," — said Vladimir Vyalichkin.Brest violations militiamen opened in court, 31.08.2007

Lady with a camera was handcuffed and thrown in Bobby

On the morning of his parents’ house, police detained a member of the movement "For Freedom" Andrew Sharenda. Little later forcibly taken to the police department and the district attorney Metropolitan Raman Kislyak. Both blame is evading appearance before the police."I was detained and currently make up the protocol on administrative violation — said our radio Raman Kislyak. — Previously, I was detained by this fact. Held seven o’clock. And now they say that I have found. Tipo I did not arise on the agendas and the calls are not answered. "A 15-hours delivered both of the Metropolitan District Department

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Brest police detained activist Andrei Sharenda For Freedom

This Radio Liberty said human rights activist Vladimir Vyalichkin. Andrew Sharenda police detained on August 19 during the presentation of Paul Sevyarinets book "Letters from the forest." Then Andrew Sharenda made the report, but then the tribunal revealed errors and returned to the Metropolitan police department protocol for revision.• Brest violations militiamen opened in court, 31.08.2007

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