Well, look at the handsome HTC, still heading up this fop 10 in the wake of our Supertest pitting it against the Xperia Z and Samsung’s hotly anticipated Galaxy S4. The One is a masterclass in smart phone craft, from its impossibly clear 1080p screen to its stokable aluminium body, clever Sense 5 skin and Ultra Pixel camera. The S4 might be better for power users, and the xperia Z for mobile movie buffs, but the One finally drags HTC out from under the also-rans.

Super-stylish, ultra-smart and a pleasure to use, the HTC One is a

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The best phones in the world run Android. The best Androids ore this Samsung, Sony and HTC. Sophie Charara finds out which is best of the best… of the best.

A smartphone is the most important weapon in your gadget arsenal. That means choosing the right smartphone is pretty damned difficult — and this is especially true today. You see, not long ago we would have automatically recommended the iPhone; it was the best option on many levels, so the only decision to make was how much built-in storage to plump for. But now that Android rules the roost, with

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Mobile Office for Android

Simultaneously with the first BlackBerry device appeared stories of office workers, who trains on his way home like crazy, banging one hand on the keyboard, making operational reports. In those days, at the mobile terminal to enter an e-mail, not to mention the text that contains more than a few sentences, seemed unthinkable.

Back in the present, and it appears that the text input on the phone — not such an absurd idea. The screens become bigger, brighter and more comfortable to view. The close button keyboard for the most part fallen into disuse and gave way to larger

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9

The contender

Whereas the 7in Kindle Fire HD made a great web browser, e-reader and small screen for movies, this 8.9incher should make more sense as a fully blown tablet. That said, it’s necessarily bigger and bulkier than either the Note 8.0 or iPad Mini, and that grown-up tablet feel makes it harder to accept Amazon’s walled garden approach, which cuts off whole chunks of the Play Store from its users. What do you get in return? A mesmerising Amazon shop window, rendered in crisp 1920×1200, with easy access to its prodigious library of books, music and movies, and a

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TsNIIMash and android technology continued the development of space robot

FSUE TsNIIMash together with the NGO "android technology" continues to develop the SAR-400, Russia's first anthropomorphic robot for use in space.

The first step in the practical application of SAR-400 will work on the International Space Station.

In late February, the Russian development was presented at the First German-Russian seminar on space robotics, and highly appreciated by foreign colleagues.

"Right now we are working on replicating control mode android SAR-400. At this point it is important to maximize the identity movements of the robot and the operator. And only when the operator starts to feel in the frame

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Digital sleeping pills — an application for iOS

It helps you fall asleep within 10 minutes without pills or special training. The application helps the user vyrabat special deep breathing yoga method, whereby a person ceases production of cortisol — a hormone voltage value, and the user quickly falls asleep. Also in the app is integrated nightlight option. When activated, a lamp, the room will fill in the soft light of the phone's screen, which is to disable the timer. Video tells about the method in more detail.

In winter, this app was released for Android. For six months he has downloaded 30,000

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Digital sleeping pills — an application for Android

Application for phones and tablets on the OS Android, created by Russian developer, based on real medical prerparate. Prototype ceiling sends pulsating beam of light with which the user must synchronize breathing. Light flares — a breath, the light fades — exhale. Following this frequency is produced by a method of deep breathing yoga. As a result, the body stops generation of the stress hormone — cortisol. And the man goes to sleep for 10 minutes without pills or special training.

The developer came to the conclusion that a mobile phone can do the same as a device

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Legal fiction intellectual property inhibits the development of technologies

The patent system of Western countries have repeatedly proved its incapacity. Patents are increasingly used to lock in the courtrooms of innovation, and in 2011 this problem has reached epic proportions.

"Patent trolls" continue to demand from large and small IT companies compensation for the alleged use of their patented ideas.

In addition, the patent war spread to the major players in the industry, most of which went to manufacturers of gadgets on the OS "Android". In July, Google could not win the case for more than 6,000 patents of Nortel, which cost the company $ 4.5 billion. In

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Positive aspects of Android

One of the most advanced operating system for mobile devices is Android system. Version Upgrade droid come out with sufficient stability and regularity, because all owners of designated "OSes" You can not worry about what their mobile applications in just a few weeks out of date.

So what's all the same advantages of the latest versions of Android? Here it must be said that the operational software developers have decided to make a kind of operating system for the integration of the traditional mobile phone OSes for the Tablet PC. In other words, left-purpose operating system, wherein the opportunity

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Russians have created an alternative to Google TV


Founded in 2001, the Moscow-based company NetUP announced the development of the first Russian IPTV-boxes on the platform of Google Android.

The device is equipped with a Samsung ARM-based processor with 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 1 GB of permanent storage, two ports USB, card reader SD / MMC, HDMI, multi-channel digital audio output S / PDIF, Ethernet adapter 10/100 Mbit / s and analog RCA connectors , supports H.264/MPEG-2 format with a resolution of 1080/30p, as well as popular containers AVI and MP4 and audio formats MP3 and AAC. Complements the remote mouse in the

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