VELIKOBRATANIE: the denial of self …

After all the tricks already described the English — another news: Christian demoted for criticizing sodomy. British Christian Adrian Smith, a member of the Evangelical Church, seeing the BBC news titled «Gay church" marriages "get go-ahead» (religious marriage for gays would be allowed), wrote on his personal page on Facebook: "Equality has gone too far." The article to which he referred, told me that the British government plans to lift the ban on gay couples wedding in the church. Smith wrote: "I do not understand why people who have no faith and do not believe in Christ, they want

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Why Turkey supports the destruction of Syria

This question is asked of me in the near future quite often. Why, after a period of apparent rapprochement with Russia and anti-American actions Ankara has turned from that path towards supporting the collapse of the Near East, and takes an active role in trying to undermine Syria?

The answer to this question gives us the story.

Put emotions aside. With feelings policies do not, consider it not turning off emotions is also unrealistic. After all, to make decisions that affect the life of the 10-s and hundreds of millions of people need a cool mind. The eye-catching example of

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Traditions of genocide. British — its the Germans, not the Britons

In the UK there was an early ethnic apartheid. Genetics support the view of historians.

Anglo-Saxons came from the continent, at the expense of ethnic segregation and limitations of mixed marriages, were able to genetically displace indigenous islanders (the Britons) and that is why today the British genetically generally have German roots. This conclusion was made by Mark Thomas (Mark Thomas) and his colleagues at University College London (University College London).

Earlier genetic studies have shown that common genetic "profile" of modern British statistically somewhere between 50% and 100% Y-chromosome (inherited, respectively, in the male line) — German origin.

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Our homeland has received a chance and time to its former greatness?

1. And suddenly there was not Putin?

What did directly in principle there can there be — extremely puzzled ask though what is certainly inexperienced reader — can question here about the time still remaining before the Sochi Olympics, or maybe a chance of Russian and time — the pace our preparation for the world football championship in 2018?

In principle, the reader is very wrong, and guessing, because it is about the pace of training and the chance after 2018, but not about sports on the territory of Russia, and the end of the deployment and

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Who builds the Arab Caliphate-2?

The unrest in the Arab world and North Africa, the actions in the Balkans, the South Caucasus, Afghanistan, Pakistan made a good starting point for the creation of "Islamic Caliphate-2." Shifted paramilitary secular elite in Egypt, Tunisia, Saleh's regime fell almost in Yemen under attack elite Libya and Syria. The monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula, are joining forces in the fight against "Arab syndrome", but the regimes fall, if you so desire in London and Washington, they almost made them and support their existence until it is profitable.

There are two main scenarios are likely, because in the Islamic

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The European Union must be destroyed

Specifically because, to paraphrase an expression of the ancient Roman figure of Cato, according to the Washington and London. By lulling discussions about democracy and freedom, the geopolitical struggle for supremacy on the planet erupted more acute. Unipolar world, the Anglo-Saxons to be built, in their opinion, really unipolar. Samples of Europe, led by Germany, to become an independent player of equal aggressively suppressed. No country in Europe alone can not throw a challenge to the U.S. and England. The European Union as a whole — can be. Because it is very necessary to loosen up and try to

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