We — Anglo-Saxons.

Mark Twain 1906.

I do not know, for better or worse, but we continue to teach Europe. We have been doing this for more than one hundred twenty-five years. No one invited us to the teachers, we impose on ourselves. After all, we — the Anglo-Saxons. Last winter, at a banquet at the club, which is called "the far end of the Earth," the chairman, retired military high rank, proclaimed with a loud voice and with great enthusiasm: "We — the Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Saxons when something ought to, he goes and gets".

Chairman's statement caused a storm of applause.

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Traditions of genocide. British — its the Germans, not the Britons

In the UK there was an early ethnic apartheid. Genetics support the view of historians.

Anglo-Saxons came from the continent, at the expense of ethnic segregation and limitations of mixed marriages, were able to genetically displace indigenous islanders (the Britons) and that is why today the British genetically generally have German roots. This conclusion was made by Mark Thomas (Mark Thomas) and his colleagues at University College London (University College London).

Earlier genetic studies have shown that common genetic "profile" of modern British statistically somewhere between 50% and 100% Y-chromosome (inherited, respectively, in the male line) — German origin.

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