Our angry, stormy Sun

We know our Sun as a brilliantly bright sphere that rises in the east and sets in the west each day. That’s a simple way to describe it; what really goes on on its surface is far from the impression that it gives as it hangs, almost calmly, in the daytime sky.

While going anywhere near the Sun would be suicide with the searing heat and penetrating radiation combining to fry you alive in your spacesuit, technology has revealed this star to be an angry, bubbling cauldron of solar activity.

First up are solar flares – bursts of radiation from

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BNR Rada expressed support for Georgia

COUNCIL STATEMENT BNRin connection with the Russian anger against Georgian countryBNR Rada that its support and its deepest sympathy to the Georgian people, who became the latest victim of the post-Soviet period of Russian imperialism.Trying to attract the attention of the international community to the latest efforts by Moscow to strengthen his control over its former vassals, Georgia became the victim of a brutal anger Moscow. It again showed the true face of the empire, which is a greater danger to all once enslaved, and now sovereign adjacent countries.BNR Rada encourages democratic world to express their support for Georgia, giving

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Current classic: F.Tyutchev


Now you do not for poetry, On the Russian word, dear! The harvest is ripe, ready reaper, It is time for unearthly …

The lie was embodied in the damask; Somehow God's sufferance Not the whole world, but a whole hell You threatened the overthrow of …

All profane minds All nations bogomerzkoy Erected from the bottom of the kingdom of darkness In the name of light and freedom!

They make you prisoner, You are predicting the shame, — You — the best future times Verb, and the life and enlightenment!

G in this simple test, In the

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How to tame the tantrums




At the time, I worked six months in office spokesman on board the floating Svyatoslav Fyodorov Eye Clinic in the United Arab Emirates. All operations are done by our doctors, but Svetoslav attracted to assistants and local experts.

With one of them, known in the United Arab Emirates

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Familiar believe that Nina brings misery

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In Perm terrorizing a village bee

Nectar they are looking to the neighboring gardens, and local residents mercilessly bite. Complaints — the owner of the apiary is responsible — get used to the poison. It something hives bring considerable revenue.

Report correspondent of Channel Seeds Eremin.

Carefully, in the yard … angry bees. And the owner to match — in defense of their interests. This is not the first delegation of villagers injured, even more naterpevshis on his winged pet.

And if you do not mind all these people? In response to a well-known aphorism: "It is a pity in bees and bee

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Bees attack and kill


In Ivano-Frankivsk region on July 27 after a sting of bees dead 44-year-old villager Manyava Bohorodchany district. It should be noted that the bees were quite unusual, like a mutant they attacked the victim, yet to have bitten to death. The bees attacked a village resident Manyava during firewood in the tract Lubliniec.

Save the medical man could not — more than 120 bee stings sent him to the other world. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon.

A year ago, Ukraine had almost the same case. In Chernihiv an angry swarm of

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