Currently, pesticides are used so widely that they have become a very significant factor in exposure to natural systems. This raises a serious problem Wildlife poisoning by pesticides. The unreasonable use of pesticides may cause long-term consequences, which are now very difficult to foresee. However, it is now clear that all measures necessary to insist on a reasonable, careful use of chemicals, and only those whose action is not only thoroughly studied in laboratory animals, but wild. This is important because the reaction of wild and laboratory animals for the same substance may differ considerably. It should also be borne


First birds, then fish, and now … crickets

Port Allen, LA — millions of crickets that are fed household pets and reptiles at the zoo began to die from the virus.

Paralytic virus broke deliveries to stores pet food across North America, when breeders, grow crickets, found the deaths of millions of their insects.

Some breeders have gone bankrupt, others were closed indefinitely as long as they can not cope with the virus.

Cricket farms began appearing in the 1940s as a source of feeding fish, but the bulk of sales now coming to a store pet food, and zoos. In addition, the crickets eat even some people.

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