Arctic / To the Arctic watch online

An extraordinary journey to the edge of the land, the new movie IMAX «The Arctic 3D» knows the story of the love of life and struggle for survival. We're going to the Arctic in the company of a snow-white bear and her 2-children. The changes come in the Arctic wilderness, forcing them to go inland to find a place for themselves harmless to inhabit. Interesting adventure bear family background melting snow, old glaciers, waterfalls and majestic tremendous snow-capped peaks posodeystvuyut better figure out these mind-blowing and brave animals.

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Through the eyes of animals / Animal Camera (1-3 films) watch online

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Animals ekstremaly 3 movie watch online

Untold possibilities show some species of animals that are faced with the need to survive in non-applicable, on first glance, to the existence of the corners of our planet. You can behold how and why they do it, enjoying the beautiful shots where filmed these amazing fauna.

The other films about animals

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