TRAGEDY gone out to sea

Millions of years ago, they lived on the land. And then went to sea. Nobody knows the reasons which have pushed them on this step, which was only the first link in a chain of mysteries enshrouding the animals. «Wonderful dolphins are no creatures on the Earth, — wrote the ancient Greek poet Oppian — for a truly once they were people, but at the behest of the gods changed the land to the sea and took the form of fish.» So says the ancient manuscripts.

Since time immemorial, people are trying to unravel the mysteries of these mammals of

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Leopards in Moscow zoo have always lived. There are several subspecies of these magnificent predators. Today, the number on the cat’s old territory you can see Amur leopard — the only snow leopard and the rarest of all the big cats.

This animal survived only in Southern Primorye, and despite a number of security measures taken, scientists are still arguing about whether the future of the Far Eastern leopard. Included in the Red Book of the IUCN and Russian as a subspecies, which is under threat of total extinction. Currently, the zoo leopards live longer than in the wild. All



Snow fell early in November and closed all the passes in the Barguzin range. Wolf Pack, which controls the eastern shore of the lake to the north of the river Big Chivyrkuy, was cut off from the rich mining and little snow taiga Padej.

All frosty January wolves roamed the coastal hills, but other than the pitiful remnants of hides and already gnawed bones in old hustle to find it did not work out. The pack kopilas anger, ready at any moment to result in a bloody fight. Six animals — leader, wolf, three profit and pereyarok animal instinct knew

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DOVREMENNYE test beagles rule provides that higher degrees they may be awarded only for work on the hare. Beagle, tested by Fox can get an estimate of no more than 16 skill points, and only the third degree diploma.

It is believed that the dog is easier to pursue the trail of a fox than a hare, as the fox leaves a scented trail and move it smoothly and straightforward. On this basis, it was a restriction assessment skills dog for his work on this beast.

However, each hunter had the opportunity to see that for a successful hunt

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Continued their previous conversation about the beef cattle breeds, today acquaint readers with the pearl of the French selection — Charolais and Simmental widespread.

Bred in France more than 200 years ago on the basis of the local livestock breeding at which you may have applied «cast-blood» Simmental and Shorthorn breeds white.

In the past, animals Charolais breed was used not only for meat and milk, but also as a working cattle. In connection with this selection led by meat efficiency and simplicity to the conditions of detention. In addition, representatives from the Charolais breed was required to obtain,

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Us and them: happy together

Create your own pets-SMALL PROBLEM: come,

He saw it and bought it! In fact, that’s just not enough. On relationships, as they say, we have to work. People. ABOVE ONESELF! Read our 50 tips how to improve the living together of two-legged and four.

But happiness not only wants us Noi them our brothers Men-shim. And like in a relationship with the opposite sex, a «floor» quadrupeds have to negotiate, establish rules dictate, adapt … How?

1. Shift into each other in the image and likeness. Couch Potato sissy and not buy animals active, emotional and loving — calm,

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«Terrible beast hare no!» — Said, rising from the snow just produced hare, Grandpa Egor, and smiled and looked at me. I was still naive teenager smiled at supposedly good joke old hunter, and he thought: «This is a tiger, or a bear or a leopard, animals as animals, but what a beast of a hare — the laughter, and only.» Later, fascinated by biology, I learned that there are 5 classes of vertebrates: fish, amphibians, reptiles (reptiles), birds and mammals (animals). Almost all mammals, i.e. animals have in common is that they suckle their young with milk. So

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Wings and chains BIOETHICS

Less than a century has passed since then, as Academician Ivan Pavlov lamented that «someone out there» wants to control his vivisektorskuyu practice. Less than 70 years ago I put their monstrous experiments Nazi Josef Mengele, less than half a century ago, was awarded for his work Hisata Yoshimura, one of the doctors, butchers Japanese «Unit 731». And now in a number of countries have adopted laws recognizing apes for almost human rights. A tiny cut in the history of mankind — and a giant step for bioethics. The further we go down the path of civilization, the softer

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And you will be cured, and I will cure

Cats, horses, dolphins … animals can heal people and having fun doing it. NOTE, absolutely free, and sometimes at the cost of their health and life

Animaloterapiya — so-called treatment involving animals as doctors. And though the recognition it has received relatively recently, in the 50s of the last century, about the animals’ ability to influence people positively known since ancient times. The ancient Greeks wrote: "The greatest happiness of the Earth lies on the back of a horse"Noting the benefit of riding for people. Hippocrates noted that horse riding helps wounded recover and leave the state of melancholic

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By the Book

The Bali Zoos residents star in a new publication to help with conservation efforts in Indonesia.

THE WORLD’S FIRST DOCUMENTED zoo was in Egypt in 3,500 ВС. an exotic collection of animals including hartebeest, hippos, and baboons. Soon the idea of keeping a menagerie spread around the world with collections existing in China, Babylonia, and perhaps most brutally in Rome, where animals were chained together and made to fight to the death. But while societies and civilizations evolved and captive creatures started receiving better treatment, the world’s animal population suffered major setbacks from unsustainable hunting and mass destruction of habitats.

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