With a moo, moo here…

Never climb a fence to get a picture, you’d be breaking the law. Plus there is a danger, if there’s a bull or calves and cows together in the field, you could get hurt. Okay, that gets the safety bit out of the way, now the photography.


These wonderful, inquisitive animals are a joy to capture. Rolling pastoral countryside and golden light, the large animals are one of our most common sights when wandering the footpaths of the UK. Being larger, slower animals you can use aperture priority and concentrate on composition more. Look for patterns you can use

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What a zoo!

Apps and Animals For Your Wild Side

Bonnie may live behind bars, but she still likes to bang on drums while fellow resident Kyle enjoys playing the piano. Both musicians are wild animals when it comes to making sounds on a tablet, but that’s not a backhanded compliment. These two inmates are, in reality, orangutans.

And just when you thought only humans are able to embrace the world’s newest tech culture, right?

Well, not so, say the apes who are going bananas over their ability to use iPads at the Smithsonian’s esteemed National Zoo. In fact, the Apps for Apes

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Dwarf Corys

Dwarf corys are the ideal choice for the classic 24-inch (60cm), 15-gallon (54-L) tank. They are peaceful, active during the daytime, and easy to maintain. They can be reproduced quite easily because they do not eat their offspring.

In short, if you like nano-scale fishes and only have a bit of space you should try dwarf corys. This article introduces the most common species.

Among the more than 400 catfish species of the subfamily Corydoradinae (family Callichthyidae) that colonize the numerous South American river systems, we know a variety of shapes and sizes. They range from the large, bulky species

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By the Book

The Bali Zoos residents star in a new publication to help with conservation efforts in Indonesia.

THE WORLD’S FIRST DOCUMENTED zoo was in Egypt in 3,500 ВС. an exotic collection of animals including hartebeest, hippos, and baboons. Soon the idea of keeping a menagerie spread around the world with collections existing in China, Babylonia, and perhaps most brutally in Rome, where animals were chained together and made to fight to the death. But while societies and civilizations evolved and captive creatures started receiving better treatment, the world’s animal population suffered major setbacks from unsustainable hunting and mass destruction of habitats.

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Aquatic snails may be the least appreciated animals available to tropical fish enthusiasts, and many people simply classify most snails as scavengers—or just pests. In fact, there are many highly desirable snails out there, some quite beautiful and fascinating to watch, and new species are regularly imported. This guide is meant to help distinguish the snails you may want from those that are best avoided.

Ampullariidae—Apple Snails

The apple snail is a successful model of nature: it has existed in its present form for more than 150 million years. Apple snails have been around since the days of the dinosaurs

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Environmentalists have confirmed accommodation Pallas’ cats in the Sayano-Shushenskaya power reserve

Pallas in the Sayano-Shushenskaya power reserve

Pallas in the Sayano-Shushenskaya power reserve

Unique shots of wild cat — Pallas's cat got scientists using camera traps in Sayano-Shushenskaya Reserve, where the dwelling of this rare animal has previously been questioned, the deputy director for environmental education Reserve Elena Ozhigova.

Pallas is listed in the International and Russian Red Book. Scientists point out that in recent decades the number of Pallas' cat in Russia declined. The biggest impact this is having on hunting, the massive use of loops and snares to catch hares and foxes, the deterioration of

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Chip for Cows: Omsk cows will track the satellite

Milk production in the Omsk region is entering a qualitatively new level.

During the year, Omsk milk production will receive more than 207 million rubles., According to the order for the provision of state agricultural commodities producers, who will go to compensation for the costs of construction, reconstruction and modernization.

Among the 14 households that received grants included Pavlogradskaya Company "Field". Now it goes to a qualitatively new stage of milk production using information technology.

Reconstruction of the barn will end in early October: farm animals gradually transferred to loose housing. The

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Small farm, but a large benefit

Over the past few years in the Tyumen region is actively building a mini-farm. Commissioned 36 sites. Housewarming is celebrated in Sorokin, Yurginsky, Armizonskoe and other municipalities in southern region. No exception Nizhnetavdinskoye land.

 Photo source:tumentoday.ru

Chance to improve the economy

Winter morning in the streets of the village Velizhany empty. Some are already at work or managed at the courtyard, others still see a few tenths dreams. The farm Raisa Nigmatullina hard at work. Milk the cows, feed, rent Got Milk — Minister missing. However, the farmer is no stranger to the work — a lifetime

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Urals scientists have created anti-drug vaccine

Two years later, the drug may appear on the shelves of scientists from the Urals State Medical Academy have developed a drug that will help fight against opium addiction drugs, including heroin. The idea of creating a synthetic immunogen protivoopioidnogo the scientists began about five years ago.

According to the researchers, the drug acts on the same principle as the measles vaccine. "Create a group of antibodies in the body, and when the drug will come, the antibodies will bind him and bring no change from the body. Kaif addict will not receive, "- said the executive director

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Ukrainian scientists have created a new veterinary drug

Kiyani invented a new veterinary drug. Its effects have already checked on pig farms. It helps to avoid the loss of calves at weaning from sows and makes it easier to gain weight animals

Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko State Scientific Control Institute of Biotechnology and strains of microorganisms registered a new veterinary drug "melawe." The preparation is based on melanin — the active substance isolated from Antarctic black yeast. As the press service of the State Agency on Science, Innovations and Informatization in the experimental groups of animals, which were added to the feed

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