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UK distributor Kenro has added the Nissin Di700 flashgun to its range. With a Guide Number of 54 at 200mm (ISO 100), the Di700 offers zoom coverage of 24-200mm, 180° horizontal rotation, 90° upwards tilt and 7° downwards tilt. It also boasts sync speeds of up to l/8000sec (depending on camera), wireless TTL support and an external power socket, making it compatible with the optional Nissin Power Pack 8 battery. The Di700 is available in Canon and Nikon fit now for £195, with Sony-fit due in September.

The world’s fastest cards

Toshiba has announced that it is set to launch

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FSB has announced a tender for the purchase of the An-148

FSB announced tenders for the acquisition of the An-148, to which the agency is ready to spend 1.43 billion rubles.

In Russia, the assembly of the aircraft is engaged in Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (VACO). VACO potential competitor in the auction may be the Kiev factory "AVIANT" at facilities that also begin production of this type of aircraft.

As follows from the requirements specification, the aircraft must be designed to fly at any time of day and year, and adverse weather conditions. Also, the liner must be made in VIP-version and have three salons

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Hugo Chavez announced the arrival of the ships to the coast of Venezuela, with a fresh batch of Russian weapons

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced the arrival in the South American country a new batch of Russian weapons. Speaking Tuesday at the inauguration of the new Minister of Defense Henri Rangel Silva, Chavez announced the arrival of the ships, missiles deliver to Venezuela, T-72 tanks and air defense systems.

"Thanks to the Russian arms Venezuela gained its combat power, which it did not have in the past 150 years — the president said. — However, the weapons we do not need to attack someone. We — a peaceful country, we do not want war, we would like to

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TTK-Ural announced on connecting the village of Sala

The company Rostelecom-Ural announced the completion of a 140-km fiber backbone Pervoural'sk-Sala and the beginning of the settlement in full broadband and IP-TV services. By December, the line will be extended to the village Shamary.

For the new line have already joined 500 subscribers. It is also planned to connect this year Sos'va and Tavda. Sergey Sozonov, Director of the Yekaterinburg branch of "Rostelecom" and assured that the company is ready to provide the infrastructure to alternative operators.

Following Rostelecom, the sales of broadband access at the Chalet and the company announced Transtelekom. TTK-Ural offers residents Shawls

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In northern Kashmir announced a warning about floods

May 28, 2013. Baramulla district in north Kashmir announced the danger of flooding of residential areas after a few days of incessant rain. The educational process in all schools in the district interrupted for a few days, all the children sent home. Leaders of the region does not exclude the possibility of declaring a state of emergency.

In the district of Kupwara in the storm killed one child. Rainwater washed away four bridges, making transport links in the area a lot more complicated. Traffic on national highways linking the city with the city of Srinagar, the Jammu and Leh stopped.

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Smartphones Sony will support GLONASS

Sony has announced that the smartphones Xperia S and Xperia Ion, announced in early January at CES 2012, supported by the Russian navigation system GLONASS.

Moreover, the company announced that this feature will be granted and models that are already on sale, including Xperia arc, Xperia arc S, Xperia ray, Xperia neo, Xperia pro, Xperia PLAY, Xperia active and Live with Walkman. It should be noted that support for GLONASS (in addition to the navigation system GPS) currently receive smartphones almost all leading manufacturers of mobile equipment. At Apple, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola are already models with this

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Flooding in Pennsylvania has reached its peak

June 28, 2013. In the West, the U.S. state of Pennsylvania because of flooding occurred declared a state of emergency. The most difficult situation is in Dubois and Trautville where to travel almost all the roads are closed, most of the streets have turned into streams with the water level at 1 meter. The state of emergency also applies to counties, Jefferson and Klierfild which officially closed about 200 km of flooded highway northeast Pitsbugra.

From ignited by Dubois, the 150 mm of rain affected families of 20-30 houses, ground floors and basements are literally floating. For the

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In the U.S. rose more and more industrial

America is losing production capacity, jobs and valuable technology, as the country moves to a more service-oriented economy, but the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression only accelerated this re-orientation, forcing the closing industrial plants throughout the United States.

Many of these plants due to the irresponsible policies of free trade, moved to Mexico or China and India, where labor is cheap, and the environment is almost absent.

Others simply closed and consolidated production trying to cut costs and stay competitive with multinational companies that have at their disposal a cheap labor in the Third World.

Indiana lost

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In the UK, announced flood warning

In the UK, announced flood warning Danger Zone

All residents, especially motorists and business owners should be very careful because of possible flooding, which brought another cyclone with strong gusts of wind. It is expected that in a few hours to the south-west of England, the West Midlands, across Wales and much of Scotland will fall to 60 mm of rain. This in itself is not much, but for the areas that are already flooded, so rain can turn into a catastrophe.

Local rivers are beginning to flood, and wind gust speed is within 80 to 112 km

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JSC ZIL will produce buses

The company Daimler Buses (Germany) and Moscow "Likhachev Factory" came to an agreement on the joint production of buses. Remove all the questions on the future of partnership companies intend for this year, then to come to grips with the design work and the organization of the production cycle. The meeting of representatives of the two automotive giants took place in the City Hall of Moscow. It was discussed production of buses in the Russian car. There is information that the parallel guide ZIL is in talks to co-operation with the Swedish Volvo Trucks.

Photo source:truck-auto.info


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