The Fourth Annual Lunabotics Competition.

Back in May, the Visitor’s Complex of the Kennedy Space Center — a popular tourist destination — was taken over by a lively group of young college students. Although the opening of the Atlantis exhibit was fast approaching (which houses the retired Space Shuttle Atlantis), the students were not there to relax and enjoy the sights. They came to compete in the fourth annual Lunabotics competition hosted by NASA at the Visitor’s Complex. The goal of the competition is to encourage STEM education among college students, while also helping NASA develop an actual lunar rover prototype. The teams design and

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How to Flunk an Annual Inspection

Under the FARs, an annual inspection is a pass-fail test. Sometimes failing is the best course of action.

OF THE NEARLY 200 RULES IN PART 91 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, far and away the most expensive for most aircraft owners is this one:

§91.409 Inspections. (a) No person may operate an aircraft unless, within the preceding 12 calendar months, it has had an annual inspection in accordance with Part 43 of this chapter and has been approved for return to service by a person authorized by §43.7 of this chapter …

This means that once a year, we have

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Pacific Ink and Art Expo

Paradise Ink

When photographer extraordinaire, Andrew Brusso, called us from Hawaii to say he had scored tickets for the First Annual Pacific Ink & Art Expo, we immediately took him up on his offer to shoot the show for us. Armed with lights and cameras, Brusso set his sights on the action at the Neil S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu last summer.

This was not Brusso’s first Hawaiian assignment for S&I, and having experienced his signature style of capturing tattoos on camera, we knew we would get coverage of this happening that no other magazine

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