Nikita anomalous zone

September 13, 2012 13:08

It has long been known that there is on the planet where people do not settle. Our ancestors, for example, at the proposed construction is usually tied to trees pieces of raw meat. If after a few days almost spoiled meat, this place was taken to build houses, but if it rots faster than usual — there quickly lam.

Modern researchers of the paranormal call these anomalous zones, and the people they are called black spots. Zones can occur in many different places, and their causes are associated with human activity or influence of unidentified flying

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Abnormality of Siberia — and the likelihood of non-obviousness

December 14, 2012 4:07

Are there any on the planet anomalous zones? A special place where all the "something is wrong." And if we talking about anomalous areas, what are the formal criteria of the anomaly? Indeed, some such criteria still identified by researchers. This, above all the objective and subjective factors of abnormal operating continuously or periodically in a specific area.

Patom crater

By objective factors such as a rule, understand a range of biological, geophysical, meteorological, and even technical anomalies, unusual values of physical fields and the presence of faults and underground water sources, availability of

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Secret area. Cats — Spies from Space (2011)

December 28, 2011 7:53

In this movie: Since ancient times, people worshiped cats, believing they have magical qualities, and are conduits between worlds. Recent discoveries of scientists proved that such superstitions grounded … Description of the series: Secret area is a series of documentary investigation (of the project a reality) of the most dramatic events of our time and its iconic figures: the secret services, secret pages of history, unique archives, new developments, fantastic events, which can not find an explanation (anomalous zones, prophetic dreams, psychic abilities Rights and UFOs) … The plot of most programs

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Anomalous zones of Russia

December 13, 2011 21:43

The most famous anomalous zones

1. In terms of publications and references in 1960-1980-ies:

Tunguska inrush (Krasnoyarsk Territory);

Lake Plescheevo (Yaroslavl region);

New Life (Moscow Region);

Height 611 (Maritime Territory);

Lake Labynkyr (Labyngkyr, Yakutia);

Optina (Kaluga region);

"Bad apartment" (Bulgakov Museum, Moscow);

City of the Dead (the Caucasus);

Solovki (Arkhangelsk region).

Lake Cheko

Lake Cheko — estimated Tunguska meteorite crater at 8 km. from ground zero. In 1908, the forest was knocked on hundreds of kilometers around. As a result of the Tunguska catastrophe in the Krasnoyarsk region, there were several well-known anomalous zones.


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