Industry magazines — they are a different breed.

1952 we first started thinking about the trade publication, which would tell the industry about what the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), about her plans for the future. Good monthly information was to increase the number of members of associations of contractors, then less than twenty. It was not the most opportune moment for a new venture — the United Nations, led by America since June 1950 took part in the Korean War. During the war, it turned out that Russia, our former ally in World War II, has become rather the enemy. The Chinese have also become

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UAE make punitive battalion

Abu Dhabi makes punitive battalion of mercenaries, the government of the United Arab Emirates signed with private military company Xe Services (formerly sad popular Blackwater) contract price of more than 0.5 billion dollars.

"Black Water" is to cook subdivision to suppress unrest in the country. The contract was signed in late 2010 and the head of the company's founder Erik Prince and the hereditary prince Emirates Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. About this announcement told The New York Times, citing the company's employees, its documents and the representatives of the American authorities.

FAQ: "Blackwater" ("Black Water"), after the February

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