Slovakia, on behalf of the European Union called for release of detained activists

"Minsk Euro Union Presidency expresses its severe concern over arrests youth activists (Paul Sevyarinets, Aleksei Shein, Alexei Chernyshev, Valentine Sokolovsky, Sergei Klyuyev and others) for the distribution of invitations on behalf of the United Democratic forces to celebrate the July 27 2007 anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Belarus.Local EU Presidency sees in attacking youth activists, that protect the constitutional rights of the Belarusian people, violation of international obligations Republic of Belarus.Local EU Presidency Calls for the immediate release of detained political activists and other political prisoners in Belarus, "the statement said.

An activist of the Bobruisk same fate Minsk anarchists

Society Another 10 days, extended the period of detention for Sergey Slyusara, a resident of Bobruisk, who was detained on October 17 as suspected of involvement in the attack on the headquarters of the KGB in Bobruisk. The attack was made on the night of October 17. Unidentified persons threw two bottles into the building with the "Molotov cocktail."

Earlier, Sergei Slyusara detained for three days after the attack on the Russian Embassy in August last year. An activist of the anarchist movement were released without charging him with any crime.

In the case of the attack on the

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