In Penza pond fish die. Video


25.09.12.Malku Kolyupanovskom in a pond located in the Penza region, desperately lacks oxygen. Alexey Baranov fished here two weeks ago and then it was all right, but the picture I saw a man the other day, left him in shock. "On the shore lies a dead fish and fry swimming at the surface with their mouths open because they can not breathe," — said the fisherman.

Carp fry are still desperately fighting for his life, but the perch changing environmental conditions could not resist: the bodies of these sensitive aquatics littered the whole coast.

"The residents of Old

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Three cars from the past




"Vladivostok", 21.11.2003, Vladivostok, n176

According to the magazine "Miracles and Adventures"

Occurrences of the shadows of people and animals — are countless. But the technique was flickering in the "other-worldly" Statistics recently. There are numerous tales of ghostly sailing ships and carriages. Progress, as we know, does

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Shark appeared near bay of Saint-Tropez


2.08.11Neskolko cases sharks meeting with people in the Bay of the French resort of Saint-Tropez was recorded this weekend.

Sailor Nicolas Faucon, who works in the port of Saint-Tropez, in two days, met three times with the shark. As the portal, the first meeting took place on Saturday at about 11 am.

Nicolas stopped his boat in front of the construction site Villanova and plunged into the water to untangle Anchors. "In fifty centimeters from my shark swam. I'm sure this is 100%, — he says — like animals hard to find. Its length is more than two

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Failures in Kherson follow one another

Karst holes

23.e03.11.Na last week in Kherson recorded two major accidents in the South gravity collector sewer. March 18 at the corner of Schmidt and Sacco and Vanzetti was sinking roadway.

Sometimes on the road driving a tractor, which landed in the resulting fracture. Fortunately, neither the driver nor tehsredstvo not injured. Tractor driver came to the aid of rescue officers to tow.

Three days later, on March 21, another gap formed at the corner of Peace and Berislav highway — one of the busiest highways in Kherson. According to experts, there is a collector at a depth of 7

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On the Sun recorded another powerful M-class flare


28.02.11.Nashe Sun continues to gain new activity in the 11-year cycle, scientists say. Following a series of outbreaks that hit Earth powerful solar flux about two weeks ago, space solar observatory Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the February 24 release of another powerful hot solar plasma and the subsequent flow of charged particles.


As reported by NASA, three days ago the unit SDO recorded a new outbreak of the M-Class and a capacity of 3.6 points. A huge wave of hot gas plasma ejected from the surface of the sun for 90 minutes. According

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Mat causes mutations



During the experiments, it was shown that swear words are harmful to others. Gospel says, "You were called to freedom, brethren, only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but through love serve one another. For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. If one bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another "(Galatians 5:13-15). What is said in the Scriptures, was confirmed

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Another earthquake in Mexico

Another earthquake in Mexico Natural Disasters

April 2, 2012 in Mexico, there was a strong earthquake, which is the continuation of seismic activity after a major earthquake of magnitude 7.6, which occurred March 20, 2012. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of the earthquake was located at a distance of 17 kilometers from the city Ometepek, Guerrero, at a depth of 12 kilometers. Although there are more than 280 aftershocks since the March 20, the new 6.3 earthquake is considered the largest. Tremors were felt hundreds of miles away in Mexico City, where people are in a panic

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Plates on the Dalnegorsk





UFO again on frequent coastal "north". At the end of last year, a resident of Dalnegorsk Alexei Kolesnikov was traveling with relatives of Spassk home. At 3 am in the area of the pass in the Crimson Chuguyivske area he and his passengers noticed a

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B-52 bombers moving to the «digital age»

The Boeing Company will equip strategic bombers B-52 more advanced communication systems, so crews can send and receive information via satellite configuration for mission planning and retargeting tools to best communicate with other aircraft and ground forces, reports ASDNews May 8.   The nearest time information to perform combat missions sank just before the flight. Flexible implementation tools do significantly better combat abilities «venerable» bombers.   «We translate this workhorse bombers in the era of digital technology and provide our customers with the infrastructure required for the upcoming improving aircraft,» said the director of programs from B-52 Oethaut Scott

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End of the world or just a dream


Photo from:

25.03.10.YA sometimes see enchanting dreams are filled with incredible beauty of the image, or has the amazing sense. I'm easy to memorize and is always written. They are not common, but already 25 years old, I drew attention to it, and now with pleasure to enjoy "pictures" when they still sluchayutsya.Tri days ago was another magical dream! Long time they did not please me.

We drove out of Dubai with his family for about 4 o'clock in the direction of Al Ain. We drove straight as an arrow road, fenced from the red dunes only

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