Children of the XXI century


One of science fiction novels by Alexander Belyaev tells the story of a man who has gained the ability to see the electric and magnetic fields. In another, more famous novel, the hero is capable of telepathy and the ability to remotely affect the brains of other people.

But Belyaev often found subjects for his novels in media reports devoted to the mysterious and paranormal phenomena, and even some of his characters, he took right out of life. But the reader all seemed like a fairy tale, or, or, in extreme cases, science

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Kazan Zenith was the winner of the Champions League Volleyball!


Vladimir Alekno won another trophy. Last year coach led the Russian team to victory in the World Cup and the League of the planet, well, the day before helped Kazan "Zenith" to achieve success in the Champions League.

In the "Final Four", who took the Polish city of Lodz, Kazan defeated the powerful Italian first "Trento" — 3:1 (31:33, 25:20, 25:23, 25:17), and then in the final game took precedence over Polish club at the edge of Bełchatów — 3:2 (25:15, 16:25, 22:25, 26:24, 17:15).

The success in the Champions League has allowed our country (including

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Tapir calf can leave Novosibirsk abroad

Tapir calf, born last month at the Novosibirsk Zoo, will be transferred to another zoo, Russia or abroad, told RIA Novosti Head of Department tropical zoo animals Julia Konovalov.

Lowland tapirs live in South America, is the second-largest land mammals and are listed in the International Red Book. Tapir is an ancient animal, whose form has remained unchanged for millions of years. The closest relatives of these animals — horses and rhinoceroses.

Young couple tapirs brought to Novosibirsk about two years ago from zoos in Germany and Sweden.

"This is our first child at a young couple Dylan and Danko.

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Failures in Kherson follow one another

Last week, in Kherson recorded two major accidents in the South gravity collector sewer. March 18 at the corner of Schmidt and Sacco and Vanzetti was sinking roadway.

Sometimes on the road driving a tractor, which landed in the resulting fracture. Fortunately, neither the driver nor tehsredstvo not injured. Tractor driver came to the aid of rescue officers to tow.

Three days later, on March 21, another gap formed at the corner of Peace and Berislav highway — one of the busiest highways in Kherson. According to experts, there is a collector at a depth of 7 meters, while ground

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Weapons of the Third World

Part of the impending technological leap will be another «military revolution» — Promising developments, sluggish progress since the late 1960s, suddenly rapidly gain practical view. In the midst of major technologies, first, it is worth to call a weapon based on new physical principles (ONFP) — Battle lasers, microwave emitters and electric rail gun (Railgun). Tactical combat power lasers 100-150 m and the radius of about 20 km acts are already close to the real application. For half a decade stationary design mass in almost two tons uzhalis to weave sizes, allowing to establish such a «weapon» on ordinary

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New exams for travelers

Until a few days ago, officials from the Russian Federation introduced a new law about the fact that all the foreigners who come to the country to earn money must necessarily pass tests on the Russian language. If the examiners understand that the new employee does not know the language, he simply does not give a work visa. After that, the law was changed slightly. It added two required exams, namely the history of the Russian Federation, as well as some aspects of the law. These laws were designed to come to Russia only those employees who have a concept

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Tornado victims in Missouri were 139 people

Death toll from the tornado that struck on Sunday, May 22, at the American city of Joplin (Missouri), has reached 139 people. As reported on Saturday, city officials, more than 100 people are reported missing, another 900 were injured.

Tornado awarded the highest category of power. He is recognized as the most destructive tornado in the U.S. since 1947. Element has left a wide swath of destruction more than a mile, where she almost a third of the 50-thousand population. Completely destroyed 2,000 buildings, severely damaged another 8,000 city buildings, according to ITAR-TASS.

According to the White

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In southern Kazakhstan was another earthquake

In southern Kazakhstan was another earthquake of magnitude 3.4, according to the website European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre.

According to data published on the website, the earthquake occurred on May 11 at 13.50 Astana time. Hearth element lies at a depth of one kilometer. It turned out that the epicenter of the earthquake was located 147 kilometers north-west of Shymkent and 15 kilometers north-west of Zhanatas in Zhambyl region.

Earlier reported that on the border of Kazakhstan and China May 11, at 10.36 there was an earthquake of magnitude 3.7. The epicenter was located 85 kilometers east of Jarkent in

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JSC VAGONMASH continues to cooperate with the Russian Post

Petersburg Railcar Company "VAGONMASH" continues to actively cooperate with one of its main customers — Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Post".

The company has entered into another contract to supply 10 mail cars. All cars must be delivered to the customer until the end of July 2011.

As with the previous contract signed in late 2010, the new contract also provides for the delivery of mail vans with a fundamentally new braking system, designed for speeds up to 160 km h, and allows you to adjust the braking force, depending on the load of the car.

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Riddle of the century

Friends, I understand that the issue is not a new … but they are not less exciting ones. Help, my dear, to reveal a terrible secret, because I do not sleep at nights. I am suffering. Where, in the process of washing socks paired disappear? That is, you put in the washing machine two completely identical sock (with the only difference being that one — right, and the other — left). You put, it means that two of the same, and take out one. Q: what happened to the second?! [Cut] I look at those lonely socks and understand —

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