Astrakhan another dental office on wheels will travel through the villages of the region

In Astrakhan region at the expense of the regional budget was purchased another mobile dental unit, which will greatly facilitate the residents of remote communities to receive specialized medical care absolutely free and in full, and doctors get to the most remote areas in all weather conditions.

This mobile unit will have both a preventive and therapeutic support, but also surgical. The cost of a mobile dental unit is — three million six hundred and eighty thousand. From the words of Sergei Konstatinovicha Isenova, chief physician of the regional clinical dental center, the module is equipped with the

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Vladivostok on the First District opened kindergarten

Vladivostok has opened a kindergarten in the street Borisenko, 20. In the garden under the name "Golden Fish" from January 11 to 90 kids will walk Pershamaiski district.


But on opening day in kindergarten was the first matinee with Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and gifts.


Earlier kindergarten several years occupied a primary school lyceum № 41. By agreement with the management of the Lyceum pupils and parents decided to move from elementary school to another building.

Kindergarten rebuilt under the program "Development of a network of pre-school educational institutions."

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In the Chelyabinsk region has opened another ski resort

In the Chelyabinsk region on Dec. 16 opened another ski resort. The construction of the complex called "Eurasia" It took ten years. The resort is located in a picturesque area of the Ural Mountains near the town of Kusa, 177 kilometers from Chelyabinsk.

The complex includes ski and ski slopes with lifts, a hotel, cabins and fitness centers. This season will run three of the 12 ski runs are planned: green length of 1700 meters, blue — and red 1400 — 1200.

It is assumed that the "Eurasia" will work all year round. In summer, the resort will

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In Chernivtsi region opened dairy complex on 200 cows

In the village of Upper Sherovtsy Zastavnivskogo district, Chernivtsi region of Ukraine opened a new dairy complex "fresh catch — Milk".

A new farm for 200 dairy cows with a milking parlor 124 breeding heifers imported from Germany by the end of the year will deliver an additional 64 head of cattle. Fodder will be grown on leased land, 300 hectares of arable land.

Also, the company has 403 head of sheep of different breeds, is scheduled bring another 162 head of sheep. There are number of goats in the amount of 36 goals by the end of

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China is coming to the new typhoon

China is coming to the new typhoon weather and climate

No sooner had the people of eastern China recover from typhoons and Demri Saola how nature has prepared them to another portion of winds and rains in the form of the 11th tropical storm named Haykui.

Typhoon on its way to the north-central part of the province Zheytszyan. It promulgated the "yellow" code of danger, because, having charging from the warm waters of the East China Sea, the typhoon is much stronger and continues to grow. In addition to eastern China under attack once again be on. Taiwan.

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Another dust storm swept Kuwait

Another dust storm swept Kuwait Natural Disasters

In the first days of August, the entire territory of Kuwait has undergone a new dust storm. Wind lifted the thick sand at 90 km / h, which is why in open areas and urban visibility fell below 500 m

Met Office says the country that such a strong wind that takes the sand from the surface of the desert, came to the territory of Kuwait from the east. Storm has helped to shape the cross pressure zone over the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It is expected that the

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Taiwan typhoon threatens Philippines

Taiwan typhoon threatens Philippines Danger Zone

Ninth typhoon in the Pacific region is gaining momentum and is approaching the coast of south-eastern province of Fudzyan in China. Residents advised to prepare for a meeting with the elements, as the typhoon is very powerful and has already brought heavy rainfall and flooding in the Philippines, especially in the North Island. Luzon.

In the next three days Saola develop speed of 185 km / h, which will provide a typhoon hazard category 3. Downpours and flooding expected in the region between the cities of Fuzhou and Taizhou and on about.

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«Two-media» machine ADS

Instrument that is not a universal tool suitable to one degree or another to perform various tasks, and has always been a purely special enthusiasm, because it uses a rather notable design solutions that are not widespread. Yet designers are always eager to universality because drag on for several samples, each of which is intended for any own goals can only hero of computer games. Thus, one of quite fascinating examples of the universal machine gun is two secondary DT, in which combines the features of terrestrial and underwater weapons. In other words, this machine can be relatively well

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North Carolina hit by another storm

North Carolina hit by another storm Natural Disasters

Suddenly, on the eastern part of the U.S. state of North Carolina suddenly blew a storm. As a result, Pitt County, one person died and two more from the district of Beaufort died in a car course on which a tree fell. On the streets of settlements hundreds of fallen trees, debris of buildings left by high winds.

This tragedy is the result of the passage across the Atlantic coast of horizontal storm derecho. Possible new cases of power failure in the Central Atlantic States. A new wave of stormy

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Over Bulgaria hung the threat of another flood

Over Bulgaria hung the threat of another flood Weather and Climate

Almost half of the country has been exposed to that day of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Due to the high probability of flooding in almost all regions of Bulgaria, including the capital, and many points of resort industry, the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology announced "yellow" code of danger. Therefore urged all residents to be vigilant and observe the safety precautions.

Rain falls in 15 regions of Bulgaria.

In some places, heavy rain accompanied by frequent hail, especially in mountainous terrain. On assurances of a

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