United States: the mystery of anthrax disclosed?




U.S. scientists have unraveled the mystery of anthrax — a mechanism that allows this microorganism to survive in almost any environment and multiply at an alarming rate.

As shown by their study, these properties anthrax linked to several hundreds of genes and their encoded proteins. High survival

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Anthrax found in the Kuban. Video


22.02.12.Ochag dangerous disease was recorded in the village of Kazan Caucasus region. In one private holdings dead goat. The hosts sent the carcass for examination. In Kropotkin edge veterinary laboratory diagnosed with anthrax. This was confirmed by the director of Black agency Oleg.

Anthrax — dangerous viral infection of farm and wild animals of all kinds. Can become infected with anthrax and people. Last April, in the Kuban anthrax chickenpox employee Armavir hospital.

Source: Channel 9 Kuban

Regime declared emergency in the village of Kazan

22.02.12.Po decision of the head of settlement in the village Kazan Caucasus

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The epidemic of anthrax among livestock in Afghanistan


Photo: EPA

26.07.11.Na northern Afghanistan and enterotoksimii outbreak of anthrax among cattle and small livestock. On Tuesday news agency reported "Pazhvak."

Over the past two weeks alone, the district of the northern province of Badakhshan Zibak from these dangerous diseases fell more than 600 head of cattle. The epidemic is also covered counties Kufab, Cowan and Rajasthan, killing hundreds of cows and sheep.

Local control of the Ministry of Agriculture has sent teams to the affected regions veterinarians, but they could not do the job due to lack of drugs. According to provincial authorities, they asked for help

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In Tajikistan recorded outbreak of anthrax


14.04.11.Po least 14 people were hospitalized in the Sughd region in the south of Tajikistan with suspected anthrax disease yazvoy.Ob worker told the regional department of sanitary-epidemiological control of the country.

SES employee with the words, the focus of infection was registered in the village "Kayirma" Shakhristan district area. " In late March, a resident of the village in the morning Barno Bakoeva found death four of his cows. A day later, a similar case of animal deaths have been reported in a number of other farms "Kayirmy."

Arrived on the Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance workers found that livestock

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Loss of livestock in the Irkutsk region


20.10.11.Vse began after seasonal vaccination. In the village livestock vaccination set against anthrax and emkara. Suddenly, the owners of private farmsteads notice a decline in the status of their animals.

The first cow died on October 14. The infection began to spread quickly. All affected 19 goals, seven of them — were killed. Cheremhovsky Veterinary Laboratory tests taken. In no case of anthrax was not confirmed. Guilt was blackleg pathogen or, more simply, emkara. A contagious disease, in which the cattle are killed within one to two days. For the person is safe. They were infected cows that as

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In one of the villages in Kalmykia anthrax


01.01.2011, Rostov-on-Don 12:05:48 agricultural cooperatives (UPC) "South" village Amur-Sanan Gorodovikovsk Kalmykia region introduced a state of emergency (disaster) because confirm the anthrax attacks. It clarifies the press service of the Southern Regional Emergency Center of Russia, on the eve of the Republican Veterinary Laboratory during the re-analysis of the meat of the slaughtered animal agricultural cooperatives confirmed anthrax.

"The decision of the Commission for Emergency Situations in the three branches of the UPC" Southern "a regime of emergency because of the anthrax attacks," — the message department. Currently collaborate with the executive authorities Gorodovikovsk district territorial department Rospotrebnadzor republic

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The village Karat 6 people infected with anthrax


28.06.12.V village Karat Akhvakh District 6 people infected with anthrax. According to preliminary data, the cause of contamination was the meat bought in the market. June 15 at the village market Karat was sold contaminated meat.

To date, sought medical treatment 6 people. Among them a pregnant woman, she is in serious condition and taken to hospital in Makhachkala. Rosselkhoznadzor with prosecutors trying to find out the causes of animal diseases.

obtained from the number 7960 XXXXXXX

Source: Caucasian Knot

Loss of livestock in Georgia


20.06.12.V Dedoplistskaroyskom area on one of the cattle farms 12 cows fell by anthrax. Three people who had contact with the carcasses to be infected with anthrax. They delivered in Tbilisi in isolation hospital.

Local veterinary service began vaccinating livestock.

"According to my information, to our hospital asked only one person. He was cutaneous anthrax. The patient's condition is stable, but since we do not have an infectious disease, he was sent to Tbilisi, "- said the director of the Kakheti Information Center Medical Center in Dedoplistskaro Khatuna Zurikashvili.

Source: "Georgia Online"

In China, the outbreak of anthrax


BEIJING, Aug. 11 — RIA Novosti, Oleg Ostroukhov. Three cases of human infection with anthrax were found in the northeastern Chinese province of Liaoning, the diagnoses are 18 people with suspected anthrax refined, said the health department of the Government of Liaoning.

As of Wednesday evening, cutaneous infections deadly disease found in Anshan (three clinical diagnosis and 15 patients with suspected disease) and county Syuyan (three were hospitalized with suspected anthrax). All 21 people are placed in the infectious hospital in Anshan. Their condition is stable.

According to preliminary information, the outbreak of anthrax is caused by infection with

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In the Belgorod region detected anthrax


Photomicrograph of Bacillus anthracis. Photo: Center for Disease Control and Prevention U.S.

21.07.11.Upravlenie Rosselkhoznadzor Belgorod region reported the discovery of anthrax in the village Glotovo Belgorod region, the press service of the department on July 21.

Analysis of biological material slaughtered pigs tested positive for an infectious disease. Graivoronsky district administration has put in the Belgorod region Glotovo quarantine.

All necessary measures to combat the disease. Rosselkhoznadzor said that the danger area is currently 292 pigs, but the animals yet feel fine, mass deaths in Glotovo not fixed.

It is assumed that the pig, whose tests for

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