The traditions of the anti-fascist art is not buried in the archival collections. First of all, because the idea of ​​revenge tenacious: radio and newspapers daily informed about the attacks of neo-Nazis, the emblem of the Reich regularly hit the television screens overseas, «yearning for fascism» becomes an object of sociological research.

The advent of films dedicated to the fight against fascism, usually dated to the mid-30s. In terms of pure filmography so. However, it can not ignore the general provisions of the Soviet cinema, resulting from work on the large-scale themes. Revolutionary history and modern masters were taught

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Stalin and Hitler: from hate to love and back

Zigazagi Russian propaganda on the eve of the beginning of the second world war

In the second half of 1930. became noticeably deteriorate relations between the USSR and Germany, where the Nazis came to power, headed by Hitler. On the pages of several national newspapers ("The Truth", "News", "International", "Literary Gazette," etc.) and magazines ("International Literature", "banner", "October", etc.), a special place was given to the works antifascist writers J. Becher, L. Feuchtwanger, Romain Rolland, A. Seghers, J. R. Block, W. Bredel, M. Andersen Nexo, and many others.

To to exposing the Nazi regime were connected leading Russian historians

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