… And only the inscription Veronica

In nedavneshnem public poll on the Belarusian national values reddish permeates such a response — everything associated with ON. Majestic Golden Horde associated with the flowering of Belarusian life. Merit publishing, architecture, art, and since now — most importantly, what we present ourselves to the world. And though every time to think: Why are we so fatally lost continuity from one country to the present?To answer this question, we should begin with the fact that majestically principality with all its golden fruit was a work of the Belarusian nobility that after the capture area ON Russian empire specifically Belarusian know

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Vitebsk reappeared Mironov flag

As told Serebro, white-red-white flag was attached to the roof of the five-storey building on Herzen Street. While he saw the police, flag hung over the heads of passers-by about forty minutes. Militiamen caused a fire engine, while the detained journalist checked the documents, but forbade photograph and the flag itself, and how it is removed. After, as the flag was removed and put into a police car, Sergei Silver released.As it became clear to the flag was attached note: "To days of birth courageous fighter Yankee Filistovich for which the fate of the Motherland was above his life. Glory

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Vladimir Menchov: by entering into the anti-Soviet, surely you will come to a frank russophobia

Vladimir Menshov was born in 1939? In Baku. He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in 1965. Then he studied at the Institute of Cinematography (workshop Mikhail Romm). Made films: "Draw" (1977), "Moscow does not believe in tears" (1980), "Love and Pigeons" (1984), "Shirley Myrli" (1995), "Envy of the Gods" (2000). Played a variety of film roles, including the films "A man in his place," "own opinion", "courier", "Zero City", "Spartacus and Kalashnikov", "Night Watch", "Elimination" …

Honored Artist of the RSFSR People's Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR (for the film "Draw")

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Wide Web. 1973.

The film tells of the anti-Soviet propaganda, which is conducted in the media of Western Europe and America, speeches extremist groups against the Soviet Union. The film shows an interview of former Soviet citizens who left the Soviet Union and moved to a place of residence in other countries, including Israel, interviews of former citizens of socialist countries. The film features a variety of filming, including interviews with the leader of the German sex party Kurt Bauer, the dispersal of student demonstrations in Germany, meeting in Brussels, the International Committee for Human Rights in the USSR, an

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Who and how to destroy the Soviet Union. Continued Part 3

The ideological crisis was created artificially. And the ideological vacuum has arisen partly filled with anti-Soviet works of art. Here we are about to leave the so-called Jewish factor. For example, in the Soviet cinema, as well as in the U.S., dominated by Jews. A Jewish intellectuals on the whole was anti-Soviet. The Jewish people, the people, clan, nation-family grieved the fact that Stalin pushed him from power, that the Jews were a result of the Revolution of 1917. They used the tools of propaganda to achieve their goals. A considerable number of Soviet films had a clear anti-Soviet

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Why Czechoslovakia issued Heniyush Moscow


Larissa Heniyush Jurk with his son. Prague, 1941

After the Second World War in Eastern European countries one after the other — where the storm where the humble — the revolution took place, which resulted in the Communists came to power. They were supported by the Soviet Union, the liberator, who had the resources and the authority to impose its will. Was no exception, and Czechoslovakia, where the head of government in 1946 and president in 1948, he became the leader of the HRC Clement Gottwald.

Moscow's intelligence services, waiting for the arrival to power of party members,

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Died party patriotic underground Belarusian Sergei Yanovsky

Society Sergei Yanovsky was born in 1925 in the village of Zalissia Vileika County (now Vileisky district, Minsk region) in a family of teachers. In early 1944, took part in the partisan movement. After the war, he worked as head of the school in the village Sochivko former Illyanskaga Molodechno district area.

In 1947, Sergei Yanovsky was the head of the Belarusian patriotic underground in Molodechno area. August 8, 1947 he was arrested by the Soviet punitive organs. Convicted by a military tribunal troops under Articles 63 and 76-I Criminal Code Byelorussian SSR to 10 years in prison and 3

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