Southern District received new anti-tank systems Chrysanthemum-S

More than 10 sets of new anti-tank missiles (ATGM) "Chrysanthemum-S" on the crawler, which replaced the complex "Storm", entered the artillery units of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), based in Ingushetia.

"In the near future to complete the connection fitting of the new anti-tank systems. Along with them will be representatives from the manufacturer to help personnel learn practical skills of new technology, "- said Friday the head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul.

ATRA "Chrysanthemum-S" is designed to destroy modern and future enemy armored vehicles equipped with reactive armor, as well

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State test tank «Armata» just around the corner

Undetermined background check to ensure MoD combat features of the new tank The decision to adopt the tank «Armata» adopted must comply with municipal positive results of tests (GI). These tests are carried out to verify and prove compliance combat, technical and operational features of the new tank requirements of tactical and technical jobs (TTP) for the criterion of proximity wars. Tests organizes customer who is responsible for their conduct. The main feature of contactless wars — the defeat of our tanks on the distant approaches. With all this blows will be applied to different ammunition less secure armored

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Post-war anti-tank artillery. 45-mm anti-tank gun M-5

German anti-tank guns captured 75/55-mm RAK.41 on Russian designers made a strong memory. In the OKB-172, TsAKB Grabina, OKB-8, and other design bureau made several experienced trunks with tapered channel. But in the Russian Union adopted any one gun with the channel for service was not accepted. The main reasons were the highest price trunks, tech manufacturing complexity, and comparable low vitality.

Second highlight 75/55-millimetrovoy RAK.41 was carrying a shield that changed the lower carriage — also found application.

In the design bureau plant number 172 (not to be confused with the OKB-172) in a 44-year projected 76-mm regimental gun

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About the name

Found here on the Internet: A feeling that our developers of military equipment and arms a little fun of their foreign counterparts. In terms of titles they are creating art. Here in Germany there is a tank "Leopard." In Israel — "Merkava" (chariots). America has a tank "Abrams" in France, "Leclerc", both in honor of the famous generals. And we have — the T-72B "Slingshot". In honor of the slingshot. It is not clear why, but it is clear that the OIO could only be born in us.

Or, for example, take the Americans and their self-propelled howitzer

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Invincible, Sergei Pavlovich.

Sergei Pavlovich Invincible was born September 13, 1921 in a working class family. In 1922, the family moved to Kursk province and settled in the village of Saint Nicholas Schigrovskogo County. In order to allow his two sons to receive secondary education in a few years, parents with children are moving into the city Shchigry.

In school, he showed exceptional ability in mathematics, understood the mechanics involved in modeling and in 14 years has designed glider with a steam turbine, which was sent to the exhibition in Moscow. In 1938, Sergei Pavlovich Schigrovskogo graduated from high

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In the Lviv region presented a lightweight set of active protection Barrier


October 1 in Lvoe during exercises held demonstration of achievements of the Ukrainian defense industry, which reported the development BTSKT "Microtec" — a set of active defense "Barrier-L".

The complex of active defense "Barrier-L" is designed to protect light armored vehicles. Moreover, already tested the effectiveness of their protection from simple anti-armor and armor-piercing rounds of small-caliber guns. Lightweight active defense "Barrier-L" is a single-use plug-ins. The module can be placed on top of the front part of the BMP-2 and two — on the sides of the built-in version. Lightweight "Barrier" is

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Libya received regular anti-tank Chrysanthemum-C

Russia handed over another batch of modern anti-complexes "Chrysanthemum-C." There were transferred 10 military vehicles in addition to the four previously delivered. The first combat vehicles were sent to Libya in 2010, during the regime of Gaddafi.  The ceremony took place on September 24 at the base of Mitiga Air. The event was attended by the Chief of Staff, General Abdel-Salam Jadallah Obeidi and the Chief of Staff of the Army of Libya, General Yousef Abu Hajar, together with Russian Ambassador to Libya, Ivan hammers, and representatives of the Russian delegation.

"Chrysanthemum-C" — the most modern

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Began testing the upgraded version of the light tank for

Airborne "Octopus-SD"

In the Internet appeared the first photos of a self-propelled anti-tank gun 2S25 "Octopus-SD" overhead screens with established dynamic armor. The design of add-on armor similar to amphibious armored vehicles such as the upgraded BMD-4M. 

Currently, the Defense Ministry and the Russian airborne troops are preparing to include development work on the modernization of this product in the state defense order, Volgograd and engineering company in the meantime intensively involved in the development of the actual theme.

By passing gain booking planned unification of the machine with

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Signed a contract for the supply of about 120 Russian anti-tank systems Metis-M1

As it became known at the time the contract is in progress and will only deliver to the needs of the armed forces of Bangladesh, about 120 anti-tank systems "Metis-M1." 

The complex ATGM "Metis-M1" is designed to defeat modern tanks, fitted with ERA, lightly armored targets, fortifications (such as "bunker", "bunker"), and other small targets at any time of day and under difficult weather conditions.

Key benefits and features of the application "Metis-M1" zaklyuchayutsya in sravntelno small size and weight of the components of the complex, which

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Ukraine has experienced a unique domestic anti-tank weapons

According to the developers, ATGM "Le Corsaire" is superior systems from leading manufacturers. At the landfill, near Kiev tested the new home development — the anti-missile system (ATRA) in "Le Corsaire".


"It is intended to engage stationary and moving armored targets with all kinds and types of armor — tanks, armored vehicles, high-speed landing craft and small targets — bunkers, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles," — says the developer was present at the trial of the complex — general designer profile KB "Beam "Oleg Crake.

The firing range of the new anti-tank systems

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