The situation in Delhi is heating up even more

May 25, 2013. In the metropolitan region of India continues to hold the record for the spring season, the heat that came down to Delhi last Saturday. According to weather forecasts, the peak of the heat will have on Friday, May 24, and the temperature will decline only next week.

Since May 26, the air masses coming to the Indian capital from the west, will supersede the dominant anticyclone over the region and will moderate the intensity of the horizontal displacement of hot air, reducing the maximum temperature by about two degrees. In the regional meteorological center of Delhi also

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The center of Russia covered frosty anticyclone

The center of Russia covered frosty anticyclone weather and climate

The territory of Central Russia and Siberia collided with another cold front. As the weather forecasters, the air temperature in these areas by 7-10 degrees below normal. Morning temperatures in Moscow on December 17 reached -26 ° C, which was the night's record this month.

According to forecasts, the cold will not let center of the country until the end of the week. The air temperature in the dark does not rise above -20 ° C, and the further east, the more horrifying is less (up to -34

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Transpolar mosquitoes brutalized by heat


9.06.11.Ugroza mosquito attack is worthless in comparison with a real chance of heat stroke. The scorching sun all day and the 30-degree heat to push the northern beach clothing options. On Wednesday, as in the past day, in the polar regions of Russia — again in the holiday hot.

In order to mislead the midges, fans hikers have blacked out. Geography anomaly extends from the Kola Peninsula to the Taimyr.

Meteorologists say an anticyclone, which gave another atmospheric "obstruction." Just that — normal anticyclone, who lives in an average of five days. Therefore, the northern version of the events

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East atmospheric process increasing again

From Siberia to the next wave of distributed ETP continental cold. This promotes the formation of the Republic of Komi new core Asian anticyclone. In addition, from the North-Western Kazakhstan to the Middle Volga area extends high cyclone. In addition to cloud cover, snow and strong winds it is tropospheric cold. The combination of these factors leads to increased business frost. But until the ETP fundamentally nothing has changed. On Wednesday, in the middle lane will remain clear, calm and cold weather. Prevailing daytime temperatures in the Volga region -14 … -19, Central Russia — 11 … -16, in the

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Russian Hydrometeorological Prediction: Winter expected severe. First snow goes on Saturday

Cooling of the Arctic anticyclone will Julia Smirnova— 13.10.2011

Frost and snow — this weather meteorologists promise Muscovites at the weekend. About emergency remind northern winter anticyclone, which will delay the capital of icy air from the Barents Sea:

— Saturday will be the first snow. But it does not cover the ground, snow pokruzhatsya in the air and melt — shared outlook Director meteorologist Russia Roman Vilfand, poetically called the current time predzimya "watercolor". Incidentally, according to the folk calendar the first snow falls on the Shroud — 14 October.

So nature is almost exactly follows the signs.

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Moscow Heat roots in Pakistan

Scientists have found that heat waves, tormented Russia last summer, and a monstrous flood, Pakistan has experienced in the same year, have been associated with each other. To be exact, the same atmospheric phenomenon caused us two months to suffer from the heat, and the Pakistanis — from damp. But in the end saved us from the heat it was "moist" Pakistan.

Great Russian natural scientist Mikhail Lomonosov was fond of saying: "If one knead that decrease, then the other is sure to arrive" (actually, it was one of the first formulations of the law of

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Anomalies in Russia: Heat all mixed

In the north-eastern part of Russia still blocking atmospheric process. Sedentary anticyclone over Yamal prevents the spread of humid air masses from the Atlantic. Under cloudy skies and polar day the circulating air in an anticyclone rapidly warming up. On Thursday, June 23, Pomeranian village of Lower Pescia, located on the Barents Sea, has become the hottest place in the ETP (31 °). Region average temperature background at 10-13 ° higher than normal. In the coming weekend at the North-West and Central Russia will fall rains, and in the north-east, in the Arctic, will resort sunny and hot. The

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Heat, fire and smoke — has already begun!

This season started with a hell of a triad of Yakutia and at least a month earlier than last year. The situation is almost identical to last year's scenario. First blocking anticyclone and precipitation deficit, then drought and heat, and then fire and smoke. All of this is painfully familiar. Under the hood of the anticyclone little smoke dissipates and spreads thick suffocating pall. Yakutsk suffocating. Eloquent photo Spectroradiometer MODIS Terra satellite on May 26, at 02:45 UTC.


Heat in Yakutia

May 27. In the east Yakutia and Magadan region the weather is influenced by the anticyclone. Previous cyclone brought warm air into the region, hot in Mongolia. And the current anticyclone and active spring sun do not give air to cool. As a result of this past day in the central districts of Yakutia thermometer rose 22 … 23 degrees. In the north-east of the country and continental regions Magadan air temperature reached 25 degrees, and occasionally higher. The maximum temperature recorded in the village Seimchan to $ 26. The new record temperature set on the Arctic coast of Yakutia

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Severe frosts are the Urals and Siberia

Siberia next week will be under the influence of the Arctic anticyclone. Pressing hard frost is expected. With calm weather and cloudless night air will vyholazhivatsya to -40 … -45 °, and the daily temperature exceeds -30 … -35 °. Sometimes possible freezing fog. At the culmination of the cold weather, which will be in the middle of the week, the average temperature will be at 13-18 ° below normal. Over the weekend, the Arctic anticyclone begins to move from the Kara Sea to the south-east. His first meet of the Urals region. In the northern districts, he "razomnetsya" 40-degree

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