The power of ANTIMATTER

Is antimatter the key to understanding more about our universe and propelling future spacecraft between the stars? All About Space investigates how close we are to finding out more about this exotic matter

Written by Gemma Lavender

Imagine a mirror held up to the universe, one that reflects matter on the scale of particles. Just like a normal mirror, the image would be reversed. Particles like protons with positive charge would suddenly look to be negatively charged, while electrons that spin in quantum fashion one way would appear to spin the other way. While the universe doesn’t really have a

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Looking for antimatter

“All About Space” talks to Jim Bickford of Draper Laboratory, Massachusetts, who found a belt of antimatter naturally occurring around Earth in one of our planet’s Van Allen radiation belts.

Scientists have spent billions building colliders that make a few micrograms of antimatter, yet you’ve found it around the Earth. How does it get there?

Antimatter forms when atomic particles travelling near the speed of light collide with one another and convert their energy of motion into matter. If they are travelling fast enough, a process called pair production creates a regular particle and its antiparticle by converting the kinetic

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Scientists will soon answer the question of why the universe exists

Scientists closer when you can confidently answer the question of why the universe exists, writes Telegraph. A team of scientists from different countries working at the Laboratory CERN in Switzerland, found a way to manipulate atoms' antihydrogen. " The first successful experience of interaction with an atom of antimatter gives scientists hope to learn more about its properties.Antimatter is destroyed immediately after creation, so scientists had to set "traps" in a vacuum — the first time it happened last summer. Since then, researchers have been able to begin to create a more or less clear idea of the structure of

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Neutrino experiments

Japanese J-PARC accelerator group of scientists conducted an experiment T2K (Tokai-to-Kamioka). Director of the Institute for Nuclear Research Viktor Matveyev said that such an experiment has the ability to answer the question of why the Big Bang the universe has left behind much more matter than antimatter, and what is the significance in this process is the neutrino.

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Why is there such a baryon asymmetry is not

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Physicists getting to unraveling the asymmetry of matter and antimatter




When the universe came about matter and antimatter in it was equally a while now, as far as we can tell, the universe consists of matter. Experimenters from Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) received new results demonstrating a big difference in the behavior of

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Antimatter can be employed by the Pentagon




U.S. forces are interested in creating "proton" bomb that would be used as a charge antimatter. For research in this direction has already spent considerable funds

The Pentagon is interested in the creation of "Proton" bomb that would be used as a charge of antimatter. For

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Antimatter and the star will bring!

October 17, 2011 14:17

Human missions to the stars — the age-old dream of mankind. It is only for the advanced technologies that will allow us to make fast and safe enough space travel. At present, there are many projects that offer effective solution to this problem. But will they be soon implemented, or not?

In 1960, physicist Robert Bussard proposed a model ramjet fusion engine, the principle of operation is based on the use of hydrogen and interstellar dust present in the outer space. First spaceship accelerates on its own fuel, then forms a giant magnetic funnel diameter of

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Parallel Omni-Earth — Kingdom of Fairies, Elementals, Dragons and Unicorns

July 22, 2012 8:50

Lands of other measurements. Image:


We have talked many channeling the amazing quality of life on Earth. And we tell you that no matter how you live and love in the world, you get the benefit, to develop, thanks to the greatness and wisdom of Gaia. Earth, Omni-Earth develops an amazing way to expand, called Ascension. This is — an amazing time, and 2012 will mark the amazing changes your perception of reality and the opportunities around you that used to take it harder. You will not admire the splendor of your

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And the anti-parallel

April 2, 2012 4:50

Most recently spread around the world sensational news first on the accelerator at CERN in Geneva was once 50,000 particles of antimatter. CERN has announced that this year the experiments will be continued. Meanwhile, physicists from the University of Melbourne, Robert Foote and Saybal Mitra made a stunning hypothesis that antimatter around us literally from all sides, even though we know by naively unaware of.

The idea of Wonderland was first expressed by Lewis Carroll. In this funny laws of the country are quite different from the usual, which could partly explain the duality of the

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Kazakhstani opened formula fuel UFO for earthlings

April 25, 2012 8:49

Zhienbek Baybusynov inventor of Karatau (Kazakhstan) said that he was without any hadron collider discovered the secret of antimatter. According to him, antimatter is the ideal fuel for spacecraft. In the theory of antimatter can be an excellent source of energy. It is estimated, for example, when entering the interaction of one kilogram of antimatter and one kilogram of matter as the energy released in the explosion 42.96 megatons of TNT. Only now get the precious pounds so far, none is impossible. Antiparticles in our corner of the universe do not last long.

"Scientists around the

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