The Best Green in the Best Hoods

Out of the 351,465 single-family homes in San Antonio (according to the 2012 state code assessment), approximately 1,000 have been certified green by Build San Antonio Green or LEEDS. Some are located in San Antonio’s most desired neighborhoods: Lavaca/ Downtown, Stone Oak and Willis Ranch. Others are scattered throughout the city.

Lavaca, the city’s oldest neighborhood in the back of HemisFair Park, has recently come alive with new and retro green projects. CVF Homes’ architect/builder Juan Fernandez is leading the trend, winning the 2012 San Antonio Green Building award for his energy-efficient/low-maintenance home for Corrie and Jeff McPherson on Leigh

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The skill of creating timeless masterpieces with an emphasis on exceptional quality materials and brilliant engineering ideas into fully embodied in the concept of the new Bulgari SPA, recognized as one of the best SPA-centers of the British capital. Its design involved famous designers Antonio Citterio and Patricia Vielha, who managed to emphasize the rigorous luxury brand BULGARI.


Alexander Younis CEO «ATLANTIC SPA»

— We have before us the pearl of SPA-industry. This SPA-complex — the standard of style, technology and beauty. All components of the modern SPA: relaxation area, a set of treatment rooms, saunas, hot tubs,

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Lebedko spy cases during elections nonrandom

In 2001, the Belarusian secret services accused of spying German citizen and citizen Christopher Lec Italy Angelo Antonio Peel.U.S. citizen Emanuel Zeltser on trial behind closed doors, as judged Christopher Lec Peel and Angelo Antonio.In April 2001, the Belarusian secret services arrested a businessman, an Italian citizen Antonio Angelo Peel. He was accused that he procured information Tipo military nature. In a criminal case against the Italian took 26-year-old citizen of Belarus Ira jamb. Her as sovereign Peel, accused of espionage, but also treason.The trial was held behind closed doors. Under court order, Angelo Antonio Peel drew Ira shoals in

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Flooding in southern Texas in the United States: the first victims in San Antonio

May 26, 2013. In the south of the U.S. state of Texas torrential rains caused rivers flood and flood. The most difficult situation is in San Antonio, there is recorded the first victims of the disaster. Rescuers evacuated around 130 residents of flooded houses, cars and buses.

The most serious was the situation in the major city of San Antonio. According to forecasters, there over night dropped more than 20 inches of rain. "We recommend people to stay at home and not to travel on the road," — said Mayor Julian Castro. However, he was unhappy with the

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April Fools true stories




Several reports have appeared in the British press 1 April 2004, it could pass for jokes, if you were not truthful. Here are some stories from the list of unbelievable, but true news of the day: 1. Today, April 1, 2004, Britain's National Archives declassified plan adopted

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The newest ship cost 2 billion dollars was sent back for revision

Less than two months after the USS San Antonio was, after all, declared ready for admission to the armament, He was again withdrawn from service, as all 4 of its motor experiencing repetitive tasks.

Worth two billion dollars USS San Antonio suffered from problems with the time that was put into service, and for years was out of rotation of the U.S. Navy.

The first in its class, 700-foot amphibious transport was built by Northrop Grumman and delivered to the Navy in 2005.

Difficulties have occurred almost every node ship, but the engines generate the most problems, and

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UFO cover-up operation

Intriguing reports of abductions of earthlings and biological experiments on them no — no and flicker in the press. Many of the messages supported by eyewitness testimony and authority figures. But the authorities or even ignore requests or respond to them is extremely vague — Toli hide something, or do not understand anything … So can balance the population on the verge of "Do you want to — believe it — no." And yet there is a problem …

This happened in 1957 in Brazil, in San Francisco de Salis, the State of Minas Gerais. During the evening

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McFaul and Antonov discuss European missile defense

Michael McFaul, salting the United States, met with Anatoly Antonov, the deputy defense minister. At the meeting, not counting the rest of the problem open a discussion deploy a missile defense system in Europe. This RIA Announcements on Saturday said representative of the press service and disk imaging Defense The Russian Federation.

According to the representative, the meeting was accomplished in Moscow on February 10.

"The parties identified during the meeting of joint work by the military authorities as an important element of US-Russian relations. Open a discussion of the prospects of military cooperation in the current year ",

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Experimental Design Bureau Antonov fighter M (Mary)

The names of Russian aircraft designers — developers of the WWII fighter widely known. But in their glorious galaxy, unfortunately, do not include DC Antonov who in time War was the deputy Yakovlev and did a significant contribution in improving the fighter "Yak". Since then, a special relationship to the fighters, the deepest awareness of the dialectic development of this type of aircraft are fundamental feature creative portrait Antonov.

Perhaps it is because when the spring of 1947 the major design work on the An-2 ended, and all the most experienced engineers design office could remain idle, DC Antonov has

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New strong earthquake in Chile, there is no data on victims

Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred on Wednesday off the coast of Chile 135 km south-west of the capital Santiago, the website of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Quake was recorded at 18.36 local time (01.36 MSK). The epicenter was located in the Pacific Ocean 54 kilometers from the city of San Antonio. Its center lies at a depth of 15.6 kilometers. Data on victims, destruction or threat of tsunamis have been reported.

Earlier on Wednesday, off the coast of Chile earthquake magnitude of 5.1, at a time — in the 160 km southwest of Santiago. Quake was recorded at 22.16 MSK.

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