Net profit of Antonov in 2011 increased by 57.4%

Net profit of "Antonov" in 2011 increased to 192 million 969 thousand UAH, compared with a profit of 82 million 178 thousand UAH, obtained in 2010 reported a government department "Infrastructure Development Agency of the stock market of Ukraine" at the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market Commission (NKTSBFR), RBC-Ukraine.

Thus, the net profit in 2011 rose by 57.4%.

Income (proceeds) from sale of goods (works, services) in 2011 increased by 28% — up to 3 billion 173 million 26 thousand UAH 2 billion against 282 million 267 thousand UAH in 2010 gross revenue in 2011 . increased

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Kharkov aircraft factory began test aircraft for Kazakhstan

Updated: The aircraft is delivered to the customer

Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KSAMC) began testing the An-74TK-200. This was reported in the press service of "Antonov" (Kiev). The aircraft is manufactured by KSAMC contract with Kazakhstan. As part of the test program is planned 5 and 3 bearer acceptance flight.

The tests are performed mixed crew "Antonov" and KSAMC. The commander of the crew — pilot test "Antonov" Alex Cruz. Complete testing is planned before April 15.


The main products are KSAMC aircraft, developed in Antonov im.O.Antonova (Kiev). In the early

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In pictures. The An-70 in the new color

April 9, 2013 at the Kiev airport Svyatoshino production plant "Antonov", the first flight of the second (and only cash) prototype military transport aircraft An-70 (serial number 01-02, Ukrainian registration UR-NTK) after repainting it at the production plant " Antonov "in a dark-gray monochromatic color, corresponding to the present standard of the Russian Air Force.

+ photo 

The second prototype of the An-70 (serial number 770102) was built on the Kyiv Aviation Plant "AVIANT" (now Serial plant "Antonov"), and first flew on December 8, 1996. From July 2010 to August 2012

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Ukraine gave Іraku other anti-32


In the framework of vikonannya contract to supply up to Respublіki Іrak vіyskovoї tehnіki Ukraine gave іrakskіy storonі Other vіyskovo lіtak-transport An-32. Urochista tseremonіya peredachі lіtaka zamovniku vіdbulasya 27 thoracic on teritorії mіzhnarodnogo vantazhnogo Fly-"Antonov" (p. Hostomel). "Mi vіdpravlyaєmo chergovu car Іraku to our partners. Mi duzhe Namagan vipravdati ochіkuvannya zamovnika that pіdtverditi svіy rіven TEMPLE, "- said General Director of Sovereign concern" Ukroboronprom "Dmytro Salamatіn pid hour tseremonії peredachі lіtaka. "Ukraine spodіvaєtsya scho nayblizhchim hour will ukladenі novі s Іrakom of contracts for the supply of vіyskovoї tehnіki" — pіdkresliv vіn. Dmytro Salamatіn takozh podyakuvav kolektiva

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Ukraine closer to the mass production of the An-70

GP Antonov completed the assembly of the fuselage of the first production copy of the An-70. With the progress of work on the construction of a military transport aircraft today inspected the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Recall the An-70 — is a military transport aircraft, which is being built for the Ministry of Defence. Work on the development of the airplane took place from the mid 80s of last century.

The aircraft was launched Kiev Aviation Plant AVIANT commissioned by the Ministry of Defense in the amount of two units. The project cost is estimated at $ 1.5 billion

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Planes of the Ukrainian-Russian-made Antonov An-148 in three years carried about 700 million passengers


An-148 transported 700 million passengers since June 2009. The total flight time was 31 thousand hours, the aircraft flew more than 19 thousand 300 landings and mastered about 50 airports in 25 countries

11 An-148 aircraft operating successfully in the airline in Ukraine and Russia. They ply more than 60 air routes, including to domestic and international routes, the press service of the State Concern Antonov

Average raid fleet of AN-148 is approximately 300 hours, and individual machines exceeded 400 flight hours in August and October 2011 This figure is very high for regional

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AN-124: History, Present and Prospects

Start of operation of turboprop military transport aircraft An-22 in 1965 marked a new phase in the confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States in the Cold War. This heavy military transport aircraft capable of lifting loads of up to 88.45 tons, forced the United States to redouble their efforts, which led to the emergence of the jet Lockheed C-5A Galaxy. The new military transport plane has significantly increased the possibility of the U.S. in strategic transport than in comparison with his adversary, the Soviet Union and the situation could not be ignored. July 21, 1966

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AN-178 — started assembly of the first aircraft


On the "Antonov" started construction of a prototype of the An-178.

On today completed the fitting of the pile, and made the fuselage section F1 (nose) and F2 (main). Laid down in Section slipway and started work on the assembly of the first aircraft.

As previously reported, "Antonov" announced that the first prototype of the An-178 will be presented at the end of 2014.

AN-178 — a military transport plane to be created on the basis of the AN-158.

Also, the press service of "Antonov" reported that the

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The company AEROPRAKT

AEROPRAKT company founded in 1991.

The main activity — the development and mass production of ultra-light aircraft of various modifications. The company produces a standard light aircraft A-22, A-24, A-36, as well as provides services to individual.

Conducted advanced research and development of special modifications of the basic models: tested and "went into a series of" aircraft for aerial photography, agricultural airplanes, amphibious aircraft, four aircraft.


State enterprises is 50 employees, highly qualified professionals with extensive practical experience in the famous Ukrainian enterprises such as Antonov.

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Cuba modernizes fleet of Antonov An-2

September 3rd president of Cuban Aviation CA Ramon Martinez Echevarría (Ramon Martinez Echevarria), President, General Designer of "Antonov" Dmitry Kiva and president of "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslaev signed an agreement to modernize Cuban An-2 aircraft, according to defense-aerospace. com on September 4.

Under the contract, the Cuban corporation creates a production base for the modernization of aircraft (Cuba imet fleet of 140 aircraft of this type) version of the An-2-100, equipped with a new engine MC-14 the development of "Motor Sich". Company "Antonov" will deliver the necessary assemblies and components on the basis of agreements with Cuban

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