UNIX для солидных господ

Некогда самое популярное и распространенное семейство серверных операционных систем, UNIX различных изводов, в настоящее время неторопливо сходит со сцены. Крупные заказчики все чаще предпочитают Linux и серверные разновидности Windows, развернутые на виртуальных машинах с «железом» архитектуры х86, специализированным UNIX-серверам. Однако закат этой платформы обещает быть долгим и славным.

Общее представление о тектоническом сдвиге в умонастроениях системных администраторов дает свежая статистика Netcraft по использованию тех или иных Web-северов, обеспечивающих работу 717 млн. Web-сайтов по всему Интернету. Самый популярный прежде Apache Web Server все заметнее сдает позиции: на него сегодня приходится лишь 46,96% всех активных инсталляций, тогда как в лучшие времена (в

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Middle Wallop

MIDDLE WALLOP’S INTERNATIONAL Helicopter Exhibition (May 12-15) was inevitably dominated by talk of the forthcoming contract for the Army Air Corps’ new attack helicopter. It is anticipated that about 91 of the new breed will partially replace the TOW-armed Lynx from around 2001.

The contenders are: Agusta A129 Mangusta, BAe/Eurocopter Tiger, Boeing/Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche, GEC-Marconi/Bell AH-1W Cobra Venom, Marshall/Atlas CSH-2 Rooivalk and Westland/MDH AH-64 Apache/Longbow Apache.

Of these, front-runners are likely to be the Apache, Cobra Venom and Tiger, all of which were at the Middle Wallop show, together with the Rooivalk. The latter was making its UK debut and

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Fewer features, more focus on your hosting

MAMP stands for Macintosh Apache MySQL PHP, the latter three words respectively describing the web server, database language, and compatible web-programming language it provides. It’s a free download from http:// mamp.info. The free version has all you need to get started.

It’s very focused and doesn’t include any of the supplementary features bundled with OS X Server, but don’t let that deter you. The pay-off is that this makes it very easy to manage. Also, because it ships with an integrated MySQL server, it’s ready to run content management systems like Joomla and

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Investigation Result Into Dutch Apache Crash

Details of the investigation into the crash of AH-64D Apache helicopter 0-20 from the Royal Netherlands Air Force in Afghanistan were made public recently. On August 29, 2004, a flight of two Apaches left Kabul IAP for Bagram airbase to transport emergency radios for testing there and to carry out a reconnaissance mission in the area. The whole flight was to be flown at low level, below 200ft (60m), and during the first phase a riverbed would be followed. The flight was using callsigns Mayhem 1 and 2, where Mayhem 1 was the section leader.

The AH-64D Apache can be

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Backing the right horse

Paul Beaver reports on the British Army’s search for a new attack helicopter.

AS THE COMPETITION to provide the British Army’s largest defence contract this decade enters the final furlong, there are two strong favourites neck-and-neck in a six-horse race. Even at this stage, there is still room for one of the other runners to take the lead and win the £2 billion jackpot.

Before the British House of Commons goes into its summer recess, the Secretary of State for Defence will have told Parliament which attack helicopter will arm the Army Air Corps in the next century.

The choice

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Apache wind blows

July 19 website wibw.com said eventually thunderstorms and followed it hurricane hit a certain number of helicopters AH-64D, were present at the airport in the USA Army Base Fort Raleigh (Kansas). One of the helicopters Military Aviation Brigade Battalion (Combat Aviation Brigade) tipped over on its side, having received the greatest damage. Picture inverted wind helicopter was received from an anonymous source. Liaison Office with the population of the 11th Infantry Division, which comes in the team of military aircraft, on Thursday issued a press release in which they say that on July 18 at the end of a

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U.S. Army received 28 new helicopters AH-64E

Copa Boeing aircraft manufacturing concern gave the U.S. Army first 28 of 51 new helicopters AH-64E Apache first small-scale party, reports Flightglobal. With all of this command of the U.S. Army has equipped the new helicopters, one of the pieces. In total, the Group should put South American Boeing 634 military attack helicopters AH-64E.   It is expected that during 2013 Boeing open a large-scale mass production, during which a manufactured Apache will make additional improvements. Namely, the batch of helicopters Lot 4 — Lot 6 will receive a new diagnostic system can reduce the service time of helicopters.

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Completed initial tests attack helicopter Apache Block III

  The U.S. Army has successfully graduated from the initial tests attack helicopter AH-64 Apache Block III. As reported on the website of the U.S. Army adopted the new helicopter from Boeing can get in 2013. Refreshed helicopter received more powerful engine, improved box and composite blades. One of the important advantages AH-64 Apache Block III was the brand new board electronics. According to Colonel Shane Oupenshou (Shane Openshaw), bortovik helicopter has great potential for the upcoming improvement. As explained by the colonel, the computing module is able to direct the helicopter UAVs, including MQ-1C Gray Eagle production General

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Mi-28N and AH-64 Apache against the Ka-52

Associate modern military equipment — employment nepriznatelnoe. Other things being equal, in a real fight, almost all solves the case and not so much inherent in the properties of the instrument, how skillful its application. But we still try, because everyone so interested in — who is cooler, our Mi-28N and Ka-52 or "theirs» Apache?

It is clear that a comparison of the most modern combat helicopter of the world — a theme that gave rise to the majestic huge number of "holy wars" on Internet forums. So we just try to summarize the most important points.

Video: Ka-50


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Apache Block III: drover for UAVs

If South American drones are going to flock, they need a good leader. This should be a new Apache — the last of the famous helicopters. The U.S. Army may be in the next year to get new weapons to attack helicopter known family «Apaches» — AH-64 Apache Block III. Anyway, all to go. On the days of one of the air bases in Tennessee, which is run initial tests rotorcraft «fighter.» boeing.com Refreshed machine armed with powerful engines T700-GE-701 and the latest flight management system that will enable it to maintain a high degree of maneuverability at high

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