Poltergeist — thats us!




IT SEEMS the International Space Station wound up brownie. In November last year, he scared the crew knocked on the door of one of the modules. And in early April again reminded himself — issued drumbeat has puzzled both the astronauts and mission control personnel on the

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Kiev apartment attacked huge insects


11.01.11.V editions of newspapers in Kiev called from Kiev, and said that to his apartment waded huge insect-like "giant bugs with frog legs."

"The other day when I was cleaning the kitchen, from the hood I climbed unknown creature. I was afraid to look, they look like giant bugs with frog legs. Length — more than six inches. Stuck behind something like a sting. I grabbed my sneakers and started to press them — what if they bite. Insects fled. But managed to kill one, poured boiling water, "- said Igor Lakhtin living in the alley of

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Kazan girl photographed ghost in his apartment

July 22, 2012 8:34

First the presence of supernatural forces in the house smelt cat.

Alena Nikolaeva captured paranormal at 11 pm, when her pet in the apartment smelled the presence of ghosts. The girl grabbed a camera and took a few shots of empty corridors. When she looked through the pictures that she was horrified — the photographs present a barely noticeable white silhouette.

— I was sitting at home when noticed a strange cat behavior — said Alain Portal ProKazan.ru. — She was in the hallway with a shaggy coat, staring at the front door and scared

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Congratulated veterans. Zadornov

Journalist friend of mine recently interviewed the head of one of Moscow's control. She asked him what was in his district was made for veterans for the anniversary of the Victory. He replied, "Well, what do you have not been warned in advance that you will ask about it? I would know what has been done … ".

In other council decided to give veterans a holiday food packages. When the veterans came for the promised turned out that each set weighs 16 kg. In response to a request to help with the delivery, it was said, 'You can

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Astrakhan residents Babaevskii feel the tremors?


22.01.11.Astrahantsy in blogs and forums, write about the earthquake that occurred in the district of Astrakhan in Babaevskii. The first report of this past January 21 about 19 hours. A resident of the neighborhood Babaevskii, LJ user Alexey Stepanenko hexapoids reports two cases rocking the house in 5 minutes. "Slightly so, but swinging ..". He also wrote that the rocking of a 9-storey apartment building felt as its close relative, was also in the apartment in another room. Member of one of the Astrakhan Forum e-van reports two calls friends living in mkr.Babaevskogo. One "house shaking, chandelier swinging." Another

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Amber Fort (Amber Fort) — miracle of India

Amber Fort — Amazing structure, or rather a huge walled city, situated in India. Beginning in 1592 and until today, it never ceases to amaze with its beauty and grandeur. I invite you for a walk

Amber Fort is located 11 kilometers from Jaipur. The fortress-palace, a classic example of the romantic Rajasthani fort stands on a terraced plateau at the south-western foot of the mountain. At the top is Jaigarh fort (Fort of Victory), guarding the approaches to both Amber and to the standing on the other side

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Over Ryazan apartment collapsed roof


2.09.11.V noon on Friday, September 2, hit two plates — the overlap of the roof and technical floor — over 35 apartment house № 38 on the street in Ryazan Novoselov, resulting in a crack in the apartment. This was told the head of the regional Emergencies Ministry Oleg Nikiforov at a press conference on Friday.

According to him, 33-36 tenants relocated for safety and spend the next night with relatives. No one was injured, as the threat of collapse at home, Nikiforov said, saying that similar — "one to one" — the situation was three years ago in

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Floating apartment complex for the northern regions of OAO RTSPKB Stapel

 Photo source:stapel.ru

JSC "RTSPKB" Stapel "transferred to the customer, OAO" Yamal LNG "Floating Housing Estate project for comfortable living of workers and staff in difficult weather conditions.

Floating apartment complex consists of a support vessel and 5 residential units for 300 people each. Purpose — comfortable accommodation and support staff working on developing deposits of natural resources in a mean annual air temperature -10.5 degrees. C (absolute minimum of -45 deg. C).

Your story Rostov Central Design Bureau "Stapel" leads to the June 19, 1952, when on the basis of Council of Ministers of the USSR

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Riddles apartment Oleg Mitasova

Until a few years ago, a common shared apartment in the center of Kharkov terrorized the whole neighborhood. The neighbors constantly complained about the strange noise coming from the the sealed door. Some saw a strange shadowy figure floating in a staircase.

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Eyewitnesses said that since 1999 the tenants of this

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Brownie or killed landlady?

I would like to share your story, too. In January 2008, with her husband rented an apartment. Of course, it was immediately clear that the previous tenants were, to say the least, unscrupulous. Cleaned, washed, probably 2 weeks. And one day we went to meet a neighbor Uncle Volodya, who told us that the flat 10 years ago killed the real owner. And we passed her sister.

We were in shock, of course, never would not have entered into it, but has been nowhere to go. Age to forget, or at least not to think about it all,

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