Energy force of purity




Clean energy house — not just a fad, it's your health and happiness, your longevity. Our ancestors did not just keep the house clean, they were able to construct and decorate it in such a way that every square inch of the surface of the walls and

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Fortune-tellers, fraudsters




In the days of pension payment in the mail is going to a lot of older people. They are not aware that they are being can watch crooks who cynically scheduled next victim. Says Deputy Chief of Investigations Slantsevskiy ATS O.V.ILIN:

— Crimes that are committed in

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In China, high speed disappearing village


Evicted from their homes by the peasants are forced to live in makeshift temporary shelters. Shandong Province. 2009. Photo from

23.12.10.Poslednie years throughout China is massive wave of demolitions of peasant houses and seize land from farmers.

Authorities say they are doing it to improve the lives of people, but in fact their life is deteriorating, and the officials get big profits from the sale of land and supplement their loss of local budget.

At present, Chinese authorities launched a nationwide movement "resettlement farmers in high-rise buildings." However, it is not only violated the traditional way

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The hurricane damaged roofs of dozens of houses in the west of Ukraine

Last Tuesday, the hurricane in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast in western Ukraine damaged roof 40 houses, the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry on Wednesday.

Strong gusty wind and rain and hail took place on Tuesday in the Galician region of Ivano-Frankivsk region. As a result of the hurricane hit the village Krylos and mosquitoes. The village Krylos partially destroyed one house, completely destroyed the roof of four apartment houses were partially damaged and slate tile covering 15 houses. In the village of Komari damaged slate tile and metal-coating for 21 apartment building, knocked down four power transmission towers, resulting in part out

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Six anarchists being questioned in connection with the explosion

Society Law enforcement authorities in Belarus have detained six activists of the anarchist movement in the case of an explosion at the Russian embassy.

As the Site, Igor Bogachek, Valeria Hawtin, Sergey Slyusar, Nicholas Dedok, Alex Zhyngerovki Franzkevich and Alexander were arrested Sept. 3 at about 6 am, and law enforcement officials to still are in custody at the Center for isolation of offenders Akrestsin Street in Minsk. The detainees were interrogated for their involvement in the incident at the Russian Embassy in Minsk, into which threw Molotov cocktails.

According to the website, the young men rented an apartment

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The most unusual homes


Moving to a new house or apartment — it is definitely one of the most exciting moments in life, especially for those who still can not find an outlet for their imagination. In the history of not only where people lived — and in caves and huts, and in the castles. And today, it seems as if you can find any home or apartment. Some have to be creative because of some physical limitations, and others do it just like that. If you're looking for crazy ideas for your future home or just want

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Seven of poltergeist haunts Kramatorsk




Seven of Kramatorsk (Donetsk region) pursues a poltergeist, reports Mig News.

Family of Kramators'k addressed the media with a rather unusual request — to find experts that can help get rid of … poltergeist. Priests and local parapsychologists were powerless.

It all started in the usual nine-story

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21-year-old boy rescued two children and a grandmother from fire

In Kiev 21-year-old supermarket security guard Alexander Artemchenko rescued from a burning apartment two children — four or five years. According to the press service of EMERCOM in Zaporizhia region. The incident occurred in the area of Zhovtnevyy Street. Kozachey. The guy was at home and saw through the window that the first floor of the apartment belching thick smoke.

"I ran up to the apartment, but could not open the metal door. I obbezhal around the house and saw the burning building on the balcony — an elderly woman and two children, "- said Alexander. The guy

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Market that does not want to go out of the shadows

Not all of the Company's schools offer students a hostel, so many are forced to rent apartments or rooms. However, statistics show that only about fifty thousand owners in Belarus pay taxes on profits handed square meters. How risky it is to rent this apartment without a formalized agreement?

According to the General Statistics Office in Minsk, more than 20,000 people are privately owned by two apartments. Three apartments owned by a little more than five hundred residents of Minsk, four, and more — three dozen. It is significant that the number of "blocks" over the past five years

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My brownie

They used to be called brownies, then Barabashka, then poltergeist … Who they really are, these mysterious entities that live next to a man, and how dangerous they are to us? These and other questions are answered "Caravan" one of the students of Tver scientist Zolotov psychograph Elena Tuzina.

Somehow to me for advice addressed Tveritchanka Angela, — says Elena G.. — Her twelve-year-son was afraid to be alone in the apartment. He could hear the sounds vague, sometimes turning into a roar, themselves fell and broke things in the bathroom. From the fear of the boy even

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