Moscow real estate market

Moscow real estate market awaited the coming illumine. Specifically, this time of year comfortable to predict analysts.

Some people were expecting an increase in prices for real estate and for all that took the time to sell or rent their apartments. Other people expected that the apartment will drop and their purchase will be available.

Expectations of buyers and sellers have not met with success. Everyone froze in one place. The apartments are sold at the same prices as, say, and a couple of months back. Here there is little performance lowering the price of apartments, but they are not

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Rising prices of housing for servicemen

Now in the real estate experts at predicting the growth of prices for most running Moscow apartments — apartments in the prefabricated homes. Growth pricing experts attribute to the fact that the government is planning a massive purchase of housing for servicemen in Moscow and the Moscow region. With all of this, many soldiers lusted to buy an apartment specifically Moscow by certificates issued by it, though they had previously lived in completely different regions. Such excitement around the mid-level apartments in the capital may be artificially heated to the same ones who are easier to name resellers. Having the

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The impression of a trip to Russia. Part Two

I would like to talk about this. In Moscow apartment of 60 square meters. meter costs about 400 thousand dollars. In Riga the same in size apartment is worth 60 million dollars. Interesting figures, does not it?

We well remember the Soviet times, when the apartments in Riga and Moscow were equivalent. You can easily be exchanged for an apartment in Moscow at the same apartment in Riga and vice versa. Moreover, the Muscovites tried to move to Riga, and this was considered a vital success.

What happened in the last twenty years? A prozoshli very

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Poltergeist in Kiev — an amazing story

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Authorities Saransk: the system EnergyCity will connect every home

Saransk first Russian cities ready to go fully automated accounting system of public resources.

As reported by the municipal urban management, work on implementation of the system-wide energy accounting podomovogo and every apartment is close to the final stage. At present, a single point of recording and analysis of all types of energy resources is already connected Saransk half-rise buildings.

Local authorities are confident that the ambitious project called "EnergyCity" will serve not only an effective tool in dealing with such pressing problems as energy saving, but also will make payments between the supplier and the consumer

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Beware of scammers! Attention, repairs! watch online

They say they are able to rebuild any apartment in the Khrushchev at the apartment business class! They promise in the shortest time to reincarnate your house into a museum to the envy of others. Although some whim for your money! But instead of this you are expected sagging ceilings instead of stretch, leaky windows instead of plastic, leaking in the bathroom and angry neighbors on the doorstep …

Repair , Construction, Design — apartments, cottages, etc.

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The solution of the housing problem for the military

The Ministry of Defence has prepared 98 thousand apartments, home already waiting soldiers who claim to it. Of this, 43 thousand apartments are already occupied. There are small problems with registration of necessary documents on home — Of property rights, technical certificates and other procedures.

As reported by Deputy Defense Minister Tatyana Shevtsova, for today home for the military was prepared on the military establishment. Now there are no obstacles to the conclusion of the contract sotsnayma with servicemen eligible for apartments. In addition, the "Forensic Science Centre" held construction and technical expertise of residential buildings for the military,

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The apartment was searched by Dmitry Kaspyarovich

Society In Minsk, the apartment manager of the youth association "Movement" Young Belarus "Dmitri Kaspyarovich was searched. The activist told reporters that the search was conducted by two KGB. They also reported that it is done in a criminal case of events of December 19, 2010 in Minsk.

Dmitry Kaspiarovich said that he took the media, business cards, notepads, some books and a variety of labels previous years. He was given an inventory of seized and said they are not forgiven.

The activist intends to consult lawyers about whether to appeal searched.


search, pursuit

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A search of the apartment of the Young Ales Kirkevich

Society KGB officers conducted a search of the apartment of the Young Ales Kirkevich. Seized a computer with a monitor, old newspapers, leaflets in support of Vital Rymasheuski, disks and other storage media. The search was conducted in the framework of criminal case about riots and lasted for more than three hours. After a search of Ales Kirkevich taken away for questioning.

Grodnenets Ales Kirkevich already serving in Minsk on 10-day arrest for part in the action Solidarity on December 25, reports



Section apartment in case of divorce

According to the law, even his wife, who had registered their own marriage, can rightly divide the total property. And when it comes to divorce, the issues associated with the right accessories, are particularly exciting ones. In our country, quite often the case that the former spouses are ready to go to the violation of the Criminal Code in order to throw everything together for a dwelling.

Need to see that the section of accessories means allocation equal modicum by deflotu. And if, sharing a washing machine, a TV set, as forks, spoons (which also happens), the couple are

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