Studio apartment in Moscow — new, but highly popular format

The bright and spacious studio apartments in many years used the great demand among creative people, but for this time they have not lost their popularity, and now are even more commonplace konkurentnst "Odnushki." Become owners of such apartments in Moscow, would not refuse any single successful entrepreneurs, neither students nor couples, even more so when you consider that the cost of their order of magnitude lower than the price one-room apartment, because many initially intending to stay in St. Petersburg, prefer to purchase a studio.

Some time reverse these studio apartments equipped with people without the help of

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KGB continues raids

Society KGB evening of December 28 raided the apartment of the leader of the "Right Alliance" Yuri Karetnikova. The house was only the mother of Yuri. They took the hard drive, the documents relating to the activities of the "Right Alliance", and election materials. Also, the KGB left agenda for Yuri to appear for questioning on December 30.

KGB officers raided the apartment of the ex-presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski.

This was announced by activist Dennis Sadowski. The search lasted almost one and a half hours in the presence of his wife. They took pre-election speeches of former candidate.

Vitaly Rymashevski

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Remove apartment in feng shui


According to the ancient Chinese practice of cleaning the apartment should be done regularly every day and get rid of the clutter and piles of things that are a barrier to the passage of life-giving energy. Try to get rid of all the useless, old and unused items. They do not give into the house beneficial chi energy. It is not necessary to store the apartment cracked cups, vases, slippers, which have long no one wears, and torn clothing. If things are no longer used, but it is a pity to throw them,

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Persecution in the regions for the weekend

Society The apartment coordinator Brest Movement "For Freedom" Dennis Turchynyaka visited by police and men in civilian clothes. Employees stood for a while in front of the apartment activist. The door opened to them no, then they started calling the neighbors apartment.

The neighbors asked police not about the presence of an activist in the apartment and on about whether they had heard suspicious cases in the house. Near the house is coordinator of the two-car police around porch detective in plain clothes.

Today, after pyatsisutkavaga sentence should get out ofcustody Three activists of the BCD: Yuri Akkour, Dmitry

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Love Feng Shui


Proper design of the apartment will help establish privacy and become rich. How to arrange the items in the house, what color to paint the walls, what to buy paintings to our life better, tell feng shui. "This is not a fashion, and this is something that exists, whether you want it or not, acceptable or deny. This ancient Chinese teaching about energy cooperation of the world, man and his property. If there is a balance between man and nature and the house — he is given more — says designer interior design

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Tatyana Dmitrieva, I am very worried about the state of her husband. And peace and physical


Andrei Dmitriev, head of the initiative group of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyayev, was arrested in the night from Sunday to Monday in the apartment of the parents of his wife Tatiana:

"Frankly, so hard development, I did not expect. We took away almost together. They came to my mother's apartment, immediately took Andrew. Then searched the apartment and took me away. They took seven in the morning until17th Watch "

Reporter"And on what basis you arrested?"

"As a witness."

Reporter"And you were interrogated?"

"So, was questioned."

Reporter"And Andrew kept separate from you?"

"Yes. We do not hold

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In Orekhovo-(Moscow region). Built three energy-efficient homes

Apartment house on the street Baryshnikov in Orekhovo-Moscow area, built as part of the program to resettle people out of dilapidated housing stock.

August 16, 2013 in Orekhovo-Moscow Region hosted a commissioning of three energy-efficient homes built in the framework of the implementation of the resettlement of people from emergency housing fund financed with the participation of the State Corporation — Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services.

According to the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services in the Committee of the Moscow region for using the equity housing,

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The smoke poltergeist in Blagoveshchensk


Residents of five-story buildings saw a strange phenomenon. At 10:00 am on Wednesday, January 27, Annunciation single Rescue took up the challenge. To the apartment building, which is located in the alley Relochnom, the first rank of the call were drawn ambulance, gas service, rescue workers.


At the scene felt a burning smell, but no smoke, no fire was not. Neighbors say: the smoke was.

"That's the club! — Says a resident of

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Omsk chasing poltergeist


Not having to move away from a meeting with UFOs, poltergeists Omsk attended to a problem. One of the broadcasters of tenants of the house on the street. Borodin with a message about the strange state of emergency occurring in their apartment.

On Friday, January 28, a popular TV "Antenna-7" showed in its broadcast the story, which told of the strange things that happen in one of the apartments on the street Borodin.

In the "strange" by Borodin apartment living Potasheva

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In Noginsk a monument to the youngest holder of the Order of Courage

On Sunday, in the suburban town of Noginsk was a monument to a seven-year Tabakov wife, who died trying to save his sister from a rapist. The event was held at the walls of the school number 83, which was named after the young hero. Sketch of the monument created Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Rozhnikov.

In November 2008, for the purpose of robbery offender entered the apartment where Jack with 12-year-old sister were alone, and tried to commit acts of violence against girls. When Jack rushed to defend her sister, the offender struck him several times with

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