Make your space is harmonious with the help of feng shui


Feng Shui — is the ancient Chinese practice, with which you can control the flow of positive energy Qi and achieve harmony in space. Since ancient times in China, using the rules and laws of feng shui to find the best places to build houses. Nowadays, feng shui is widespread, and its use goes far beyond the architectural needs.

The most important principle of feng shui — the need to monitor the flow of Qi and do not let it stagnate.

But we should not "throw the fight" to change everything at once.

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Sannikov's apartment was searched

Society At the apartment former candidate in Presidents of Belarus Andrei Sannikov today raided. This is "Radio Liberty" said father-in-Sannikov, Vladimir Khalip. On He said, he and his wife's daughter was in the apartment. Eight men burst into the room and searched. What they were looking for, Vladimir Khalip never found out.

Communal paradise watch online

Documentary research communal life of St. Petersburg. Moviemakers spotted a unique archival documents, which you can trace the main stages of the history of "sealing" of the northern capital. Most municipal apartment St. Petersburg is located behind the beautiful facade of a house in the center of town. 243 steps need to do to get around the corridors alone. Total area — 1067 square meters. Official number living rooms — 34, in fact, they are much more numerous because of the illegal partitions and walls. The apartment has 75 people registered, but number actual tenants no account can not

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In RUDENSKY blocked the Young

Society As reported by human rights activists, in one of the apartments in RUDENSKY zyablyakavanyya activists of the "Young Front".

Three social activists — Anastasia Murashko, Vick Ladis and Artem Dubski — locked in the apartment police. The house is a police car at the door of the apartment are three members in the form and one in civilian clothes. One of the staff required to open the doors on the grounds that the young men were allegedly suspected of stealing. Artem Dubskiy believes that the police are only interested in it, but the danger is and his friend.

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List of detainees

Society Most released after brief preventive conversations.


Lazarenko Valentin, Kovtun Alex (Brest), off the train Brest-Minsk are in Berezovsky police department.

Sergei Shahnovsky (Novopolotsk) — Released in an hour.

Nikolai Chebotarev (Novopolotsk) — located in the area.

Boguslaw Matsuk (Miori) — detained along with four friends on the outskirts of the city.

Paul Batuev (Soligorsk) — blocked by plainclothes officers in the apartment Batueva.

Ivan Shyla (Soligorsk) — blocked by plainclothes officers in the apartment Batueva.

Dashkevich (the leader of the Young Front) — probably resides in the Frunze district police department.

Julian Misyukevich (MOF) — released after verification

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In Murmansk, was handed the keys to new apartments

In Murmansk, continuing its long-term program of resettlement of dilapidated housing.

The keys to their new apartment in a house on the street Askoldovtsev murmanchane received from the hands of the head of municipal formation town of Murmansk Alex Weller and chief of staff of the regional center of Andrey Sysoev.

The event is a landmark for our city — said Alexey Weller. — For the first time in twenty years, so many of the citizens' will receive the keys to their apartments in the new house. The next important step will be the demolition

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Mother of many children from Mogilev Natalia Shkadun stopped the hunger strike

Society It lasted eight days. Woman sought from the government to improve living conditions for his family. Now two-bedroom apartment measuring 63 square meters Long live nine people. It requires giving her two apartments of 120 square meters.Natalia Shkadun City Council proposed solutions to the housing problem. She chose the most suitable for the family.

"Those apartments I have not seen. Autumn I was offered them, but then I could not get into the house, since there was to it as a pass. Rent this house at the end of the first quarter 2011a. I decided to stop the hunger

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Police protects pedophile. Revolt in Blagoveshchensk


In Blagoveshchensk, a mob of people trying to make a lynch pedophile. The night before, more than three hundred people came to the house № 19 on the streets of Textile. People threw stones at windows of the apartment suspected of a crime against a child. To prevent a lynching, were brought to the area all the details of police and special police detachment. People — men, women, children, old — did not differ from five o'clock in the evening into the night.

Events began to develop more on Tuesday, July 19.

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In Kurgan another 27 orphans were settlers


27-Kurgan orphans this New Year to remember. On the eve of the holiday, they got the keys from new apartments. The significant event of young people congratulated Deputy Head of the Administration of the city of Kurgan — Director of the Department of Housing and Construction Dubanich Michael, director of the Department of Social Policy Viktor Osipov, and the head of the city administration guardianship Yuri Yakuschenko.

As noted by Michael Dubanich, 27-apartment house worth 23 million rubles was built in less than six months. The first piles were filled in June 2012. And now the

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The State Duma will tighten pet rules

MPs propose legislation to tie the number of pets to a square meter of their respective owners.

Photo: Lime / Alexander Arutyunov

The State Duma Committee on Natural Resources and Environment has prepared a bill that cats and dogs in apartments can bring to anyone with a certain number of square meters of living space.

Deputy of the faction "United Russia," said Valery Yazev "News" that such a measure has been proposed to protect the occupants of apartment buildings from unscrupulous neighbors and amateur breeders.

According to the initiative of the lower chamber of parliament, established disciplinary, administrative, criminal

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