Ming-bedroom apartments rose by 10-15 thousand dollars

Zenko Valentine lives in a studio apartment in one of the dormitories of the Belarusian Steel driveway shared with a teenage son. In the queue for the construction of their own housing costs for seventeen years, but is not sure, or even win preferential apartment construction."As will be built — I do not know. Even when the turn will come. Prices grow every day, I work in a hospital and live from wages to wages. Half hostel girls, shall be removed from the building and continue to live in these little rooms with malehankih bolshennymi babies . For no money

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Energy saving in the quarter beyond the river Byisk Science City is preparing for commissioning

Recently, in connection with the commissioning of new energy-efficient homes on the resettlement program of emergency shelter for street Lermontov was repeatedly referred to a specific date — April 18.

This pilot project, a quarter of these homes being built for the first time in the country. Used in the construction of all known energy-saving technologies in Russia. Here mounted single control center quarter, which will capture all the process parameters for each apartment individually. Accordingly, the calculation of utility services will be optimal. According to the builders, the overall costs of heating, electricity, heating, ventilation should

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Who is entitled to the hostel?

This year and paying students can apply for accommodation in hostels, as state employees, if they have privileges — orphans, Chernobyl, parents heavy real position. Head of the material-technical base of the Ministry of Education Lydia Zaitseva says:"We have a general provision of hostels in the town of Minsk — 57%. 4 dormitories for reconstruction put — as they are fully locked. 1,400 seats exclusively in BSU, National Technical University in two dormitories with 400 and 600 seats, Economic Institute — 600 seats in the repair. This is serious. "Usually entitled to priority check-in dorms have benefit recipients, senior students

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Police tries to break into the apartment of activist

Policemen asked neighbors to be understood when they hacked the apartment door, but no one agreed. Parents Alexander Irkho police been explained that they need to carry out a search and arrest of Alexander for a chat.The police left, but promised to come back. Mogilev Social Democrat Alexander Irkho tried to register as a candidate House of Representatives. He revealed that members active group constantly pressured. Before submitting signatures of missing persons active group, who collected them anymore.

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Police detained the Young 7

Militiamen vlamalisya in apartment where he wasand the Young, knocking out two doors, and explained to that they have information that this apartment is a corpse.Not found the corpse, but they detained those who were in the apartment and was taken to the Metropolitan police district of Minsk. Middle of the detainees — three minors, also a favorite Junior Front Dashkevich, his deputy Artur Finkevich, activists Kasia Galician and Paul Kurianovich.Freedom Dashkevich said that the police now consult with management, whereby articles constitute detainees protocols.

Tools for sale M.Snegira Swedes have not reached

Now online newspaper "Daily" reported some other details of the case:"There was one in Belarus is a very exciting company — JSC" Swe-Bel Partner AB ". It is registered in Sweden. Company back in 1999, sat down on the oil business in Belarus and start making millions. It is one of the first in the Belarusian capital in more languid 1999 lined up for their own senior managers luxury apartments in a house down the street Griboyedov 2 ". "But 2006 Fortune turned to JSC "Swe-Bel Partner AB" rear seat. Swedish company moved away from the oil business, and it

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Echo explosion searches in opposition

In Minsk, July 8 KGB raided the apartment Nina Shidlovskaya who was press secretary Alexander Kozulin during the presidential campaign. The correspondent of "Liberty" phoned to Nina Shidlovskaya when KGB has not left her apartment: "I explained to that the search is carried out on the basis of the decision in connection with the establishment of the blast on the night of July 4. In this apartment we live with her husband and his ancestors. The search is done, now we are waiting for the arrival of my husband. Whereupon We introduce the protocol and it becomes clear that take

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Slonim paper thrown into the street

Even yesterday, the head of consumer services Slonim plant signed a statement of Victor Volodoschuka to extend the lease for a month, and in the morning there was already another solution. Victor Volodoschuk, commenting on it, draws attention to the fact that the order to finish the lease came from Slonim district executive committee. So, at least, he explained to the secretary of the reception bytkombinat.

During these two days we should take all their belongings, though — where? I do not know: on the street, garages … Well, take away computers and staff will work in apartments  


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Vitebsk: defenders fined and arrested

BHC members from Vitebsk Paul Levinau awarded a fine or imprisonment for 10 days Tipo hooliganism and disobeying police. More 1st Vitebsk pravvaabarontsu Leonid Svetsik, KGB summoned for questioning, for previously conducted a search of his apartment. In Railroad District Court razvyarshyvsya the trial of Paul Lyavinau. Train district court referee Valentin Kismyaroshkina recognized him guilty under Articles 17.1 and 23.4 of the Code Republic of Belarus about administratyynyh offenses. Sovereign Levinau sentenced to 10 days of arrest — for disorderly conduct, and a fine of 700 thousand rubles — for disobeying police during his arrest near the apartment-independent journalist

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Vasilevich displeasing apartment on the day of service

Representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office noted: "No respective reactions and side bodies Interior the facts of use of premises for the purpose of keeping a brothel molestation, alcoholism and gambling. "Real estate agencies not to rent apartments for short termRent an apartment in town bolshennom poses no prepyadstviya. A huge number of ads located in specialized newspapers and on Internet sites, on the outskirts of stations can always meet grandmothers offering B or "rooms" for an hour or two. Prices after various nighttime in "bunkhouse" the station apartments can cost 10 thousand rubles, and rental apartments on the day,

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