Kyiv residents suffer from the invasion of red ants and aphids

In Kiev since 2011 has grown four times the number of calls for city workers sanepidemstantsii culled red ants. Besides watching sanepidemiologi increase in the population of other insects.

According to the newspaper in Kiev, red ants have replaced cockroaches in homes Kiev.

"And they both feed on the crumbs and remnants of food and occupy any premises where there is heating, regardless of the floor and the type of home. And they are not valid mobile communications — the main reason, which is called, explaining the disappearance of the apartments cockroaches" — the newspaper notes.

According to the

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Wheat with the smell of mint

In the UK, conducted the first experiments with genetically modified plants, able to withstand an attack of aphids. The new wheat is able to emit a special pheromone that will keep insects away from plants. It is reported by BBC News.

This is the first experience of creating genetically modified plants with pheromone, which will scare off pests. Work is carried out at the Center for Plant in Hertfordshire. Eight plots of land — each about the size of 36 m? — Were planted with genetically modified wheat. According to scientists, aphid is one of the main problems in growing

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