The Road to Calvary.

Tatiana Nefedova — Hereditary amateur beekeeper. Bees started even her father. Until 1990, he held the hives in the garden area. In force at the time the law permits it to do, and the authorities even called gardeners beekeeping. But every year it increasingly difficult to protect beehives from thieves, and all the neighbors demand to remove the bees, on the grounds that they allegedly sting, especially children. So whether it was in fact, is now difficult to establish. When the robbery and sidelong glances of neighbors was impossible to endure, Nefedova bee family moved to the infield in the

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Increase the production load of all apiaries

Beekeeping — an important sector of agricultural production Bashkortostan. On its territory there are more than 400 thousand bee families, including more than 219,000 in the collective and state farms.

Republic annually passes the state at a half-two thousand tons of good-quality honey, and this year, as of September 15, the consumer cooperatives in store 2179 tons of honey.

Bashkir honey is sent not only in Moscow, Leningrad and other large industrial cities of the Soviet Union, but also exported to Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Poland and other countries.

On apiaries and bee farms, most state and collective farms this year received

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YOUR civic duty

The Programme of the Communist Party have repeatedly emphasized that only the direct participation of the broadest masses of the working people in the management of all the affairs of the country will allow for our grandiose creative plans for the building of communism, «communist production, — stated in the Program — requires a high degree of organization. clarity and discipline, which are provided not by coercion, but by understanding the public debt … «

To build communism is nothing more important than a rapid and continuous growth of labor productivity. That increase productivity and reduce the cost of the

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Does not work on conscience

1 ordinary farmer, have or household apiary.

Beekeeping is very profitable industry, as bees produce marketable honey and pollinate crops. But our true farmers say apiary farm income is not given, and if they give a little, it happens every five years. But you have to pay workdays beekeepers, watchmen, needed equipment, transport. These losses fall on the farm. This question very much excites me. For my own bees produce income, and collective farm — a loss.

We have a collective farm «Rodina» has four apiaries, about 200 families. They stand in the woods. From early spring is a good

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A new rise of beekeeping

The new labor victories of the Soviet people met thirty-fourth anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Millions of workers in town and country, by participating in socialist competition, have made and achieve significant growth in industrial and agricultural production and improve its quality. Our people are proud of the great builders labor successes of hydraulic structures of the Stalinist era of the Volga, the Dnieper, the Amu Darya and Don, proud of the success in transforming the nature and achievements of the Stakhanovite industry, transport and agriculture.

The Soviet people are not spared his

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Bees and broad beans

Broad beans are plants whose seeds knotting possible both by self-pollination and cross-pollination with the insects.

To clarify the role of honeybees in pollination of broad beans on Gomel Regional Agricultural Experiment Station conducted the following experiment.

In late April 1962 the central apiary Manor (spot Meadows) a light fertile soil (0,025 hectares) manually sown broad beans, keeping the distance between rows of 40 cm.

At the beginning of mass flowering identified two plots located next to an area of ​​2.5 square meters. The first plot pollinating insects visiting flowers freely beans. On the second — the plants were under

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METHODS improve productivity

In the collective and state farms of the East Kazakhstan region it concentrated half of all bee colonies of the Republic. This contributes to an abundant food supply.

Along with the increase in the collection of honey and productivity increases as a result of enlargement beekeepers beekeeping farms, mass adoption of wintering bees in the wild, breeding, use multiple effect of beekeeping and new service organization apiaries.

Currently, in the creation of two of the largest in the Soviet Union specialized state — «Cheremshansky» having 15 thousand bee colonies, and «Putintsevsky» — more than 20 thousand families. State and

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During the Great Patriotic War Pavel Ivanovich Romanenko was seriously injured. After a long stay in hospital, he returned home to his native Belarusian village. Desire with villagers to raise farm did not leave him. To work in a field or on a cattle farm, he could not allow broken health. And he decided to go to the apiary. Life has confirmed the correct choice.

Master the technique helped the beekeeping books and magazine «Beekeeping» permanent subscriber to whom he has become. Former soldier appealed to the board for permission to organize public apiary.

The request was granted. Now with

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KEY ways to increase productivity in beekeeping

Increasing productivity and profitability of agriculture is given importance. With this in all sectors there is great growth. It goes without saying that we, the workers of beekeeping, we can not stand aside from the solution of this important national objective.

In connection with the transfer of on-farm payment any industry collective or state farm must win their right to exist, giving the economy a good profit. In order for the industry was not unprofitable and profitable, it is necessary first of all to ensure a high level of productivity.

Perhaps in no other sector of agriculture there is

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Equip apiary hives multihull

Wealth of food supply and the duration of the flowering period the main sources of bribe allow beekeepers East Kazakhstan region to achieve high levels of productivity with the content of the bees in stationary (non-nomadic) apiaries. And yet we can not say that labor productivity in the apiaries has reached the desired level,

The current system of service of apiaries and bee care techniques are outdated and do not meet the increased requirements for agricultural production. The rate of average load per employee — 60 bee colonies — small. With such a load is often not justified by

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