Inside the Lunar lander.

The Lunar Module was the first manned spacecraft specifically built to deliver men to the Moon.

This two-stage spacecraft was built by the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation to ferry two astronauts and scientific equipment to the surface of the Moon. The 6.7-metre (22-foot) tall craft had an aluminium frame with titanium fittings and was covered with layers of aluminised Kapton and aluminised Mylar to provide thermal protection against micrometeoroids.

The Apollo Command Module carried it into lunar orbit, and two of the three crew transferred to it and used the descent engine to land on the Moon. After deploying scientific

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Dr Wernher von Braun.

How the ‘Father of Rocket Science’ went from working for the Nazis to becoming an American space hero.

Von Braun is a man who splits opinion, to say the least. Having helped the Nazis develop the V-2 missile in World War II that was responsible for thousands of deaths, he went on to become a pivotal figure in America’s space programme — without him the manned missions to the Moon would likely not have been possible. Some are willing to forgive him for his role in the war, a role he claimed he took only because of his love for

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Buzz Aldrin

The second man on the Moon, Aldrin played a key role in the success of the Apollo lunar missions

Edwin Eugene ‘Buzz’ Aldrin Junior was born on 20 January 1930 in Montclair, New Jersey, USA. In 1946, after graduating from high school, he turned down a scholarship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to join the US Military Academy. Aldrin’s nickname ‘Buzz’ came from his sister mispronouncing ’brother’ as ’buzzer’; Aldrin legally changed his first name to Buzz in 1988.

Buzz graduated from West Point, New York with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering in 1951 (and a

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Buzz Aldrin: To the Moon and beyond.

American hero, second man on the Moon, Mars advocate — whatever you call him, Buzz Aldrin will remain one of the most important space pioneers in history. When he talked to us, we listened…

On 20 July 1969, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin’s life changed for ever. Following his friend and fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong onto the lunar surface, Aldrin was instantly immortalised as the second man on the Moon, and one of only 12 to have ever set foot there. With Armstrong’s death in August 2012, Aldrin is the sole survivor of one of the most famous double-acts the world has

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FORGET Mnemosyne? ..


Prosecutors intercede butterflies

Once upon a butterfly. Fluttering over the meadow from the beginning of May to July, feeding on nectar and pollen of meadow flowers. And no idea that people call them so beautiful — Mnemosyne, and even black Apollo. (Because they are similar to other species of butterflies, sailboats — Apollo, but without the red spots on the lower wings and smaller.) And what they considered to rare, protected species of insects included in the Red Book of Russia, butterflies, too, did not know. They simply lived. The area is ideally suited for them: hvoynolistvenny forest

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5 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT The Apollo spacecraft

The Apollo programme cost $200 billion

The initial estimated cost of the Apollo programme was around $7 billion (£4.6 billion), before it was revised to $20 billion (£13.2 billion) by the first NASA administrator, James Webb. By the end of the programme, the 17 missions had cost the US government $23.9 billion (£15.8 billion), around $200 billion (£132 billion) in today’s money.

Apollo 1 met a tragic end

The first manned Apollo mission was scheduled to launch on 21 February 1967 but never made it. During a launch pad test on 27 January, a cabin fire broke out destroying the

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Something above the surface of the moon


This mysterious blue glowing object hanging in the atmosphere above the surface of the moon, was discovered by researchers at the photos taken by Apollo 14.

If you recall a story about some glowing balls that saw astronaut Buzz (Edwin) Aldrin, it is possible to photograph something that actually took place to be on the moon, and not interfere with photography.

Actually the story itself: When in July 1969 launched a rocket to the moon with the ship "Apollo 11" and astronauts Neil Armstrong, M. Collins and E.Oldrinom, then after a few hours

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Again, a mysterious blue light over the surface of the moon


Again, the official photo of the lunar surface from NASA enthusiasts have found a strange bluish-green glow. This time it is from the edge of the photo, and that there remained out of the frame, we can only guess.


This photo was taken during the flight of Apollo 15. On the mysterious lights on the surface of the moon has informed the crew of Apollo 11. From unofficial sources, the strange glowing object approached with "Apollo 12" and pursued the "Apollo 13".



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The used equipment on the Moon revived humanoids?

How to find a competent circles NASA (about atom repeatedly reported the U.S. media), «all the flights of American spacecraft controlled from afar and near the aliens (or their auto ship.) However, land bases ordered the astronauts to store this information in secret.» According to unofficial data, a similar pattern was observed and the former Soviet Union, where virtually every spacecraft launch from Baikonur, Plesetsk and Kapustin Yar is not controlled by an identified flying objects. Most of the famous UFO photographs were taken from the surface of the Earth. However,

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The company IolitM acquire modern equipment

Metallurgical Company "IolitM" bought horizontal bending press made in Italy Apollo srl.

This modern equipment that allows to perform complex processing of metal, not addressed by conventional press brake and profilegib. Apollo srl press brake is equipped with generous equipment that allows for any customer’s specifications.

At the press three speeds. The hydraulic machine is equipped with counter bends, it can work in automatic or manual mode, single bends.

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