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My loss

On reception at the psychologist, MD, PhD Catherine Narkevitch, woman

Lost control of appetite. He used to obey her, and now raging tornado. WHAT TO EAT natural desire to turn uncontrollable elements?

A time of love and dislike

— Hello, my name is Natalia, I

29 years. I’m worried about my weight. Rather, what he got out of control.

— When did it happen?

— About six months ago. There has always been full, but diets are easily lost 5-7 kg, could easily avoid overeating, control weight on your own. Now everything has changed: the attitude to yourself, and

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The kid grows.

Appetite — a pledge of male power.

Carefully watch your toddler at the time, when he wielded a spoon! According to Filipino researchers, male sexual potential future can be predicted according to his appetite in children. In their research involving thousands of boys aged from one month to 22 years. Observations have shown that men who as a child had a good appetite and ate fully in the future were not only better developed physically, but also led a more active sex life! Doctors have linked this to the fact that a good appetite and a healthy diet in

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S.Kalinkina: cannabis failed to curb appetite own business

"With those appetite, which he failed to keep. He was really and is very close to the man, Alexander Lukashenko, but very unsuccessfully to use it. Especially since, that this is not the first scandal Vladimir Konoplev.If such was the case of the well-known as "Euroopt" then strolled rumors that it was a final warning to Vladimir Nikolayevich that council person is not required to have at such close entrepreneurs. All clear that at the moment all close to Konopleva person tested in the oil business.Konoplev already had enough, as in next year there will be elections to the Parliament.

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How to get rid of the feeling of hunger and develop a diet?

In a normal diet moderate person does not feel gravity, lighter reacts to external events. When the gastrointestinal tract chronically overloaded, there laziness of mind, mental instability. However, the habit of overeating, you can change and move to a moderate diet. To do this, you need to follow some simple rules:

You can not start eating hungry. The feeling of hunger — one of the most powerful arsenal in the emotional person, and when you sit down for a meal, you can skip the sufficiency threshold. Therefore, however hungry you are, first eat a small piece of bread and salt.

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