Ivashkevich: Bureaucrats are silent because they do not wish to advertise opposition action

Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the "Euro march" Viktor Ivashkevich said, "Freedom", the bureaucrats refused Mingorispolkom announce its decision. They promised to send written responses to applicants in the afternoon on October 10.Responsible for ideological work bureaucrat Mingorispolkom Gennady Kurbeka journalists refused to say to whom the decision on the opposition came to share the city authorities.Viktor Ivashkevich, despite the fact that the chairman of the organizing committee, decided to tell the outcome of negotiations after, how to receive a written response from the Minsk city executive committee and gather all applicants shares.Anatoly Lebedko and Alexander Milinkevich are currently

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Mogilev region: the authorities forbade all 12 planned pickets

Applicants pickets police are trying to get receipts for non-participation in opposition rallies, "Social March" and "European march". Mogilev police applicants are invited to preventive conversations on the phone, they shall be removed.In Bobruisk policeman tried to persuade activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" Il Mitsuru sign the protocol prophylactic conversation.In Bobruisk social pickets not allowed, 28.09.2007

Babes many officials were only paid form of learning

In general, the Ministry of Education and the university management new admission rules completely happy: significantly reduced the number of complaints, appeals to the selection committee, said Deputy Education Minister Alexander Zhuk. "System, now implemented, absolutely makes tasks that were set in its implementation: objectivity, fairness, equal treatment and transparency. Now none of cronyism can not interfere with the results of the opening campaign. Babes And many officials have been paid only on training. "On day economical form of training received 23 thousand students. This is slightly less than Last year, — says Deputy Education Minister Alexander Zhuk:"The numbers in

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Fined 2-applicants Chernobyl Way

They accused the protesters during a demonstration on April 26 some time out into the street Surganova. The applicants pleaded not guilty. In court, they stated that the police provoked the people to violate public order.Case Valentina Polevikova considered referee Lyudmila Sebastian. It heard testimony from witnesses and looked coupled with present operational videotape made during the "Chernobyl Way".Valentine Palevikova was at the end of the column of demonstrators, according to the agreement between the applicants and the organizers of the action. She did not get on video.Her colleague Alexander Dobrovolsky, who was on trial, he remembered, as previously acquitted

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Or centralized testing goals achieved?

Cardinal configurations in organizing centralized testing will not, because "Rules of admission to higher education," as promised bureaucrats of the Ministry of Education, in the next 5 years will not change.Nepraduzyatasts and objectivity?Centralized testing, plan officials, had two main objectives: nepraduzyatasts and objectivity of knowledge. However, according to teachers of high schools often do not come out. In Last year all the media wrote about the boy from Orsha, who scored a fantastic points and failed to Linguistic Institute, because all cheap seats were given to rural applicants and beneficiaries."It’s very difficult social situation where very many threats, and one

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Applicants Chernobyl Way again called for consultations

Yesterday negotiations did not take place because the applicants refused to speak in the presence of a police cameraman.Now come and applicants shares 16 hours a Minsk city executive committee. They are counting on a constructive dialogue with the city authorities to ensure order and safety protesters. Chap. • Applicants also "Chernobyl Way" warned Deputy Prosecutor

Movement For Freedom wrong title

Representatives of the Ministry in a trial that began yesterday, insisted that the majority of applicants are engaged in political activities, participate in mass actions, give comments to various political events. So when the company registered, then its purpose likely will not meet the designated in the charter as human rights and the Enlightenment. The arbitrator considered these arguments unproven. A prerequisite for the denial was that when you make a legal address was inaccurately spelled the title of the organization.This is the third attempt to join the Movement. Three times the Ministry of Justice refuses do. And three times

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Tomorrow Chernobyl Way

Now Russian court of Minsk will be considered a civilian job: company Mingarvykanakamu "Minskzelenstroy" asks the applicant to compensate for the loss of the march of 1 million 400 thousand rubles. According to "Minskzelenstroya" during Euro demonstrators march Tipo trampled lawns, lime and broken bushes. Damage amounted to 1 million 400 thousand rubles. According to "Minskzelenstroya" responsible for this applicants — Alexander Milinkevich, Anatoly Lebedko, Viktor Ivashkevich, Vintsuk Vyachorka, Dmitri Fedoruk and Eugene Afnahel. Lebedko said that is not going to this process, after, as the Tribunal upheld the claim in full Business "Gorremavtodor" City Committee. According to him, the

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The Tribunal upheld the ban in Gomel social pickets

Retired and one of the applicants public picket Leonid Udovenko so explained to his claim to the city executive committee:"The Board did not think about that, it must save some paragraphs laws. They deeply indifferent, spit on all these our privileges. They are not afraid of responsibilities, no one accountable.Benefits who wish to cancel December 17 for me in real primarily. I have 260 thousand rubles pension. With a brand new price spike, when the rent more than 100 thousand rubles per month, with great prices on drugs — how to live?Even the drive grace wish to cancel — will

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Ordeal of innovations

The role of small business in the performance of the state defense order

The Ministry of Defense are two municipal programs from small businesses to verbovaniya defense orders. SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) — «Small Innovative Business" and STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) — «The transfer of technology to small business." In January 2012, U.S. President Barack Obama is re-issued a law on the financing of the yearly SBIR and STTR programs, the size of about 2.5 billion. dollars over 6 years. With the SBIR and STTR programs, U.S. federal agencies to help small businesses to conduct research and

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