Applications of Computer Technology in the distance calculation train radio

D is now to calculate the distance of train radio meter wave band is used the method described in the book «Mobile Communications in rail transport» Vavanova Yu et al.

In order to facilitate and accelerate the process of calculations by this method and to relieve the designer from having to use multiple nomograms, we offer a program computing programmable calculator-type BZ34 and its analogues. The program is designed for the general conditions of the design. Here and below we use the notation adopted in the book: U2min- minimum allowable voltage at the input station locomotive; Gi — stationary

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Application of fertilizer in the gardens of the Non-

Research and practice of horticulture have shown that high yields of perennial plants can not be achieved without the extensive use of fertilizers, including mineral.

First of all, we should note the important role of organic fertilizers in horticulture the Non-where soils often have poor physical properties. Regular tillage, improving water and nutrient regimes plantings, at the same time (due to the aerobic decomposition of organic matter in the soil) leads to a gradual decrease in the content of humus in the soil and the deterioration of its physical properties. The soil at the content of fallow on average loses

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In the creation of the theoretical foundations and the development of new types of engineering and technology, which should bring social production to a qualitatively higher level, priority is given to science. A significant contribution to the acceleration of economic and social development of the country, along with research centers in other regions of the Volga region, scientists are making. Their work has been devoted to the exhibition «The scientists of the Volga region — the national economy», which was held in the pavilion «Physics» at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR Academy of Sciences of the


Application of the protective metal coatings on steel wire, hot-dip

Corrosion resistance of the protective metal coatings applied to dip, largely determined by its chemical composition, forming conditions, and depends on the structure of the obtained coating.

For long term protection against corrosion of steel parts, especially in hostile environments, it is currently mainly used zinc coatings applied by dipping into the melt.

It should be noted that to achieve the desired performance properties of the steel strip (resistance to corrosion, and durability of protection against corrosion after plastic deformation) are applied protective coating based on zinc and aluminum.

In the presence of moisture phase film due to the

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MUSE of patent

Do you think of patent creative workers! There were no … Do you know the famous, honored patent attorneys? No … Is it a big part in the life of patent, in the form, at the very birth of invention! Yes Yes! In this case, do not you, that the social status, the status of the profession does not correspond to its true value and its role in the process by which the world owes almost everything he has!

The ancients knew the nine muses. In our century, it was added to the tenth, muse of cinema, and recently

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DxO FilmPack 4.0

Vincent Oliver takes a look at a filter suite that has settings to simulate black & white, colour slide and colour negative films.

AT ONE time, photographers would buy a specific film stock to create a mood for their photographs. For example, a high ISO film might have been chosen for a grainy look, or Kodachrome 25 for ultra-smooth colours. Now, with digital capture, we have a smooth, grainless look for almost every shot. However, there are filters that can simulate traditional film stock using Photoshop and other imaging applications, so achieving particular filmic ‘looks’ is predominantly a post-capture process.

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What do you think patent attorneys

NUMBER patent specialists in enterprises and the Organization is depending on the number of technical officers. Not the right Would it be based on the number of applications filed?

E. ZOLOTUKHIN, patent (Donetsk)

Previously, the inventors were few, and everyone in the company, at the Research Institute was visible. Now the inventors that the stars in the sky, rows of patent also grow weak.

His first application, while still a junior researcher in a scientific research institute, I made out more than a year. Oh, for the uninitiated, the application — a tricky thing, even if he is a

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Creative Cloud’s web tools are slick, but a little consolidation couldn’t hurt

Since being acquired from Macromedia in 2005, Adobe Dreamweaver has been something of a square peg in Creative Suite’s round hole, a kind of HTML-based Frankenstein’s monster engineers kept alive by bolting on new parts as web technology evolved.

By last year’s Dreamweaver CS6, the software had evolved into a rat’s nest of redundancy, a situation made worse by the fact there are no real alternatives on the Mac platform. Pitchforks and torches in hand, Adobe engineers managed to tame the unruly beast this year rather than entirely


All herbs

Strengthen the nervous system

Causes and main features of nervous disorders.

At the time in which we live, nervous disorders have become constant companions for most people. The intense rhythm of life, constant stress little help to strengthen the nervous system, but rather, on the contrary, oppress and undermine it. At first, gradually accumulates irritability, nervousness, then, and then pass the nerves. Even if a person looks calm, inner tension is still enormous. And the proof of this — is a disorder of the nervous system of humans and irritability, and in special cases, anger and vozmutimost on any

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And Novapolatsk pickets not allowed

The formal reason for the ban became omissions in registration applications, which "is not made in writing responsibilities for the organization and the organizers of mass events."In addition, as stated in the letter sent from the executive committee, 30 September in the town celebrated day Incline people age, and other activities because authorities consider inappropriate.Manage polimirovskogo independent trade union said the ban pickets — neobmyslenny step. The union is now about eight hundred people. This is largely working with harmful plants criteria labor.Many of them are retired but continue to work. Currently working pensioners are going to cancel pensions for

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