Ever decreasing circles -getting close to wildlife

Wildlife photography is often considered the domain of extreme long lenses. These great bazooka-like lumps of glass, metal and engineering plastic that cost a fortune and weigh a proverbial ton are seen as an easy solution when your subjects are shy, skittish and difficult or dangerous to approach.

While there are times long lenses are unavoidable, anyone who has ever worked with super telephotos will tell you that far from being an easy solution they are especially challenging to use well. The high levels of magnification they achieve means that every tiny movement

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Think big

For a woodcarver, making your mark on the world is an essential part of the activity. But sometimes, those marks, however brilliantly executed, can only be seen by the privileged few who can get sufficiently close to examine your handiwork. Perhaps that’s why many carvers like to push the boat out once in a while and create something that has real impact, not only at the emotional level but physically too. The summer months, with the possibilities of working comfortably outside, can help to make such ideas a pleasant reality.

Here at The ToolPost we stock a range of tools

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The Balkans Regional Approach to Air Defence (BRAAD) initiative

Back in 1994 the US government had the astute idea of offering fully equipped standardised air sovereignty operations centres (ASOCs) to the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland: a decision that considerably enhanced their NATO candidacies and enabled them to plug right into the alliance’s air defence operational picture after they became members in 1999.

While those were fatter times — the ASOCs. worth USD25 million, were donated by Washington — something similar is now happening in the Balkans, although no-one is giving away the equipment for free this time.

At play is the Balkans Regional Approach to Air Defence (BRAAD):

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Social housing

This provocative social housing project in Champigny-sur-Магne, the realisation of a competition win, took a unique approach to the design brief. Aiming to revitalise and renew an urban zone characterised by a jumble of different building types from the 1970s, the programme called for mixed use: housing, commercial space, and so forth. Instead of taking the predictable path of replacing the ‘mess’ with order, the mixed-up with clarity, the architects chose to celebrate the chaos with a strategy of ‘urban collage’. In effect, they refused to interpret the context and decided instead to incorporate it, literally, into the

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NDB, the Instrument Approach That Wont Die

The newest jets still leave the factory with ADF receivers

MY CESSNA 140 HAD a big loop antenna mounted over the cockpit. You rotated the loop by hand using a knob on the cabin ceiling to find the “null” in the signal from a non-directional beacon (NDB). Loop antennas can be designed to have a very pronounced null, or dead spot, when aligned in the direction of the transmitted signal.

A compass rose on the cabin overhead showed the orientation of the antenna relative to the nose of the airplane, and you noted the bearing as you heard the quiet

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Mapping the Cyberwar Battlefield

Every day, thieves, “hacktivists,” even nationstates, use the global network to steal information and compromise businesses. Organizations today have to rethink their defenses and move from reaction to anticipation – figuring out when, why, or from where the next attack is coming. The most effective way to do that, we’ve found, is semantic analysis.

We used this approach when U.S. financial institutions suffered a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by a hacktivist group, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters, reportedly related to furor over an anti-Islam video on Youtube.

Starting in September 2012, we tracked internet chatter

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Personal trainer.

Four months of intensive training behind. Verify how much you can endure.

Text and Methodology: Dmitry Smirnov.

* This is the third part of the annual program of home exercises for the integrated development of motor skills. The first two parts seek to mhealth.ru.

oic part of an annual program — new challenges for you and your body. The priority of the next 2 months will be endurance. To do this, we are somewhat simplify the set of exercises and workout temporarily get rid of speed, endurance and speed because, alas, can not develop at the same time. Plus your

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PS ground, Professor, Dr. Sci. Sciences

VG chrome, engineer.

Basic principles of calculation and design of gravity humps formulated more than forty years ago. They were dictated by the operating conditions and the characteristics of the rolling stock and technical equipment slides in those years. Designing a plan and profile of the slides was determined on the basis of the then existing conditions.

Technical implementation of automation tasks for hump process control using local systems such as APC-CRI, APC GTSS, AZSR-CRI failed to meet the challenges to improve the processing capacity and reliability of the marshalling yards. At present,


Atlas ACE crash-landing

THE ATLAS ACE Turboprop trainer prototype ZU-AHE lost pitch altitude control during a test flight to evaluate a new avionics installation on February 14 at 1705hrs local time. Pilot Bob Masson carried out controllability tests at altitude, and found that sufficient control via power and flap adjustments was available to attempt a landing at Jan Smuts Airport. Crew ejection was considered as a last option — it was decided instead to make a wheels-up landing owing to concerns about the controllability of the aircraft during landing gear extension. A belly landing was also considered safer at the required high approach

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Samyang. the new kid on the block for third-party lenses, has done it again with a 16mm f/2 wide-angle. MICK C00KS0N finds out if it’s fit for a pro.

Samyang is a relatively new name in the third-party lens market. Rapidly developing a reputation for its high-quality manual focus optics, can this new 16mm f/2 ED AS UMC CS lens offer anything for the professional photographer?


Straight from the box, the quality of this Samyang feels good, well made, and though the lens is mostly made up from polycarbonate, feels robust enough for the job. Adding this

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