India — supercomputer power?

Indian engineers are ready to design a supercomputer in the world with the greatest efficiency. To the Indian government's proposed plan, drawn up by the Center for the development of advanced computing (C-DAC), providing for the implementation of an ambitious project for five years, while its costs will be approximately $ 900 million. According to Indian experts, the projected performance of the system is approximately 61 times higher than the most powerful of the currently existing computers. Today, the most high-performance computing system has the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) — a computer Sequoia, which is developed

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The balance of forces of the Russian Federation and the Land of the Rising Sun in the Far East theater

Though the script 4th Russian-Japanese War (1904-1905., 1938-1939., 1945) and is unlikely, but still know the ability of a potential adversary need.

Today's tantrums Tokyo — a sign of the sunset of the Rising Sun. Japanese civilization is seriously ill, her spirit amazed that evident in the mental state of the population, endless economic stagnation.

But instead of that, that forgotten past mistakes and go for a large-scale cooperation with Russia, which would render the Land of the Rising Sun second breath, Tokyo prefers to blow on the embers of old times and frivolous grievances, it would be logical

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Food security of the planet under threat

Food hitch threatens the planet latest wave of wars over water and land for agricultural purpose. According to UN statistics, in 2011 the index of food prices jumped in March as the first 8 months of 2010, although in 2010 year was very difficult in the food insecure, many in Russia see how sharply prices of cereals, potatoes, basic food of ordinary people.

Until the last 2-decades of price hikes have had little value because they are fast enough vorachivalis to the initial price, which helped maintain stability comparable to normal in most parts of the planet. But in

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