The Valley of the Weeping Coconut Shell

In the middle of Bothel, a suburb of Scheessel, there is a red house. If you ring the doorbell, a young man surrounded by his three cats, Nala, Lotte, and Finn, opens the door. Adrie Baumann, professional aquascaper, won the XL category in this year’s competition “The Art of The Planted Aquarium” at the Pet Fair in Hannover with his aquarium design “Valley of the Weeping Willow.”

Aquascaping, the shaping of beautiful and intricate landscapes in the aquarium, has a growing following of aquatic gardening enthusiasts and brings a new fascination to an old hobby—and a financial boost to the

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How old do aquarium fishes get?

I am not aware of very much truly reliable information about the life spans of various fishes in aquariums. Much of the reported “data” is anecdotal and far from scientific. That fishes get older in the aquarium, where there are no predators, than in nature is undisputed—but diseases and mistakes made during care may shorten their lives. Information about age can therefore only be a point of reference. Among catfishes, a life expectancy of 7-12 years for Corys is normal, but for bigger catfishes 10-15 years or more is not unusual.

To research the maximum possible age for a Bristle-nose

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JV Kochetova

Since the advent of Dutch as a phenomenon of the aquarium decoration home pond — that is, back in the seventies — Dutch Association «Nederlandse Bond Aqua Terra» (NBAT) were formulated, and then approved by the national rules of refereeing. A list of these rules and the score sheet sample were sent to my father S.Kochetovu famous Dutch aquarist, a member of the editorial board of the Dutch magazine «Het Aquarium» Jacob Wente back in 1980.

All this time record form stored in the archive home among the incredible number of letters, documents and various aquarium

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Getting on the internet

Only sophisticated ichthyologist researcher with a strong tilt towards aquarium (like H.Blehera) is able to determine beforehand, «counting morphology» and compare the results with the known data, some fish caught in his net once the Australian puddle (brook, creek, small lakes, etc. .). It is not that the inhabitants of local waters resemble each other, like Amazon hemigrammusy.

Quite the contrary: almost every creek (creek) live fish with a unique, typical only for this place, together. Copies of the headwaters of the different color of the fish from the lower reaches (especially when the population divides even small obstacles in

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Aquatic snails may be the least appreciated animals available to tropical fish enthusiasts, and many people simply classify most snails as scavengers—or just pests. In fact, there are many highly desirable snails out there, some quite beautiful and fascinating to watch, and new species are regularly imported. This guide is meant to help distinguish the snails you may want from those that are best avoided.

Ampullariidae—Apple Snails

The apple snail is a successful model of nature: it has existed in its present form for more than 150 million years. Apple snails have been around since the days of the dinosaurs

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Alexander Lukashenko expelled from the party, which at some point recorded almost all men

"One of naypekneyshyh construction Bialystok — a" Aquarium ", on the corner of Market Street and Nikolaev — said in 1917" hubbub. "- Construction is delivered in 1818 by the architect mestovym Kulikovsky tuteyshago for the wealthy, Zabludovskago. After she gave under shlyahetskoy club and at the moment it is a restaurant. land on which stands the "Aquarium", sold Branitskaya Hetman in 1756 Jew Chaim 35 gold, but Haim paid only 3 gold and fled to avoid being flogged with rods. "Grodno "Gwiazda Mlodziezy" in the 1927 report from Poland: "Gymnasium in Radoshkavichah received a letter on school days are

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Aquarium of the island of Russian in Vladivostok render habitable beluga

In the adaptive complex is being built on the island of Russian oceanarium, brought six beluga whales, which will subsequently actors water show. The most difficult part was the relocation process of reloading animals weighing up to 200 kilograms.

On the island of Russian for more than four months of base functions Marine Mammal Maritime Aquarium. Its first inhabitants were two male beluga whale. Today, Neil and Lear is not only demonstrate the artistry, plastic and even a kind of elegance, but also allow, of course, with the permission of their teachers, a ride on his back among

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International competition on aquarium design IAPLC won the first European.

For 10 years in Japan held an international competition aquascaping — the art of making emotional, changing landscapes in the aquarium. To find out which design aquarium is better and who is the most skilled landscape designer (akvaskeyper) in the underwater world, the event annually attracts mainly representatives of Asian countries: Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Korea. Never prizes are awarded to Europeans or Americans.

Solid prize milyon yen But we wanted a change — For ten years — alas! Asia was the only prizes:

Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan … Their philosophy, yin and

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In Kiev, opened the largest aquarium in Eastern Europe

Its volume — 350,000 liters.

On Friday, December 7, 2012, in Kiev, Ocean Plaza Mall opened the largest public aquarium in Eastern Europe.

Its volume — 350,000 liters.

In the aquarium there are sharks, stingrays, moray eels, groupers, sea stars and other inhabitants of the underwater world

December 7, 2012 in Kiev, officially opened shopping center Ocean Plaza with the largest in Eastern Europe, public marine aquarium. Until now, such was the aquarium «AB Baltic Mall Aquarium» in the shopping center "Mega" (Kaunas), which is included in the book of records of Lithuania.

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DECEMBER 19 — OPENING DATE Oceanarium! In the opening day of the launch of the Aquarium from 12.00.

In the shopping center "Children’s World" (metro Darnica) will open its doors a unique educational and entertainment complex — "Aquarium Marine fairy tale."

It so happened that in Ukraine the word "aquarium" is associated primarily with the numerous dolphin, appearing all over the place in all the major cities and not much of the country. But what is the Oceanarium, really? First of all, it is, of course, a museum with live exhibits — the inhabitants of the seas

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