Seviarynets — glyamurny Belarusian politician

Slonim are increasingly burning buildings and premises belonging to businessmen reports "Newspaper Slonim". On Friday, July 13, the building caught fire, which was placed in the personal store "SPRING". Was it the result of arson, employees learn Ministerstvva emergencies. Yet, July 4th burned some clothes shop "Caprice" belonging to another Slonim businessman Alexander Povuhu. Even earlier this entrepreneur had other problems with arson — 24 May burned his pavilion in a local park. Has confirmed that the fire was a prerequisite specifically arson. "Evening Brest" writes that in Pinsk during reconstruction Lenin Square builders excavated excavated old cultural layer. Earthworks

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Archaeologist ZHore bayonet — 80 years

Here that said about ZHoru Shtykhov archaeologist, Ph.D. Nicholas Kryvaltsevich:"Certainly, Jora V. — one of nainteresneyshih’s oldest and archaeologists. He belongs to a generation of professionals who have made a new base archeology Belarus postwar archeology.It is clear that, like all Academy, Belarusian and archaeological science suffered a lot during the time of Stalin’s repression. Science was necessary revive. And Jora V. belongs to the generation which has engaged in this revival of the Belarusian archeology in the postwar years.Jora Shtyhov distinguished by the fact that he’s always around had a lot of youth. He, of course, prepared not bad,

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Civilization aged

Scientists have shown that the urban culture existed 6,000 years ago. Scientists have greatly lengthened the period of existence of human civilization. This week in Copenhagen at an international conference on the archeology of ancient Mesopotamia, researchers from the Institute of Oriental Studies in Chicago are going to announce his discovery, significantly changes the perception about the time of the urban culture. In Syria were found the remains of the city, dating back four thousand years BC This disproves the old notion that the urban culture emerged around this time in the south

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Interesting archaeological finds

In Iraq, archaeologists have unearthed a strange crafts two-thousand-year-old, who can serve as an electric battery when it pour acid. The subject consists of an iron core surrounded by a copper tube, and all of this is enclosed in an earthen vessel.

A unique archaeological find discovered in the vicinity of the Italian town of Cerveteri (Lazio metropolitan area). Workers during construction came upon an ancient (1st millennium BC. E.) Etruscan burial.

In the area of Altentreptow (GDR) has recently discovered during excavations 67 — centimeter iron

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Tragedy in Krymsk — Revenge of Demeter!

Coincidence or fate — I do not know, but the day had been disturbed tomb of Tamerlane began and the Great Patriotic War. A few years before this date, in 1939, the Vatican revealed the burial at the Cathedral of St. Peter and at the same time, the Second World War. This is the most well-known cases of many, but here's the nearest time we were plundering mounds found near a temple of Demeter in 2010 in New Jersey. No need to strain your memory especially since Krymsk, located just 40 kilometers from this place

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Wreath of Remembrance: Vladimir Isayenko

Society Vladimir Isayenko was born in Gorky in 1928, and soon his parents moved to Minsk. In 1951, he graduated from Gomel Pedagogical Institute, and so linked his life with the Belarusian Poles'e: worked as a teacher of natural sciences in the village Yurovichi Kalinkovichy district. But in the end life to archeology, says a student of Vladimir Isayenko archaeologist Nicholas Kryvaltsevich:

"He got a degree in physics and mathematics, but he wanted to study the history, archeology. This did not allow the circumstances of life, as it was during the occupation in Minsk, his father worked as an agronomist

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Neanderthal genome / Decoding the Neanderthals watch online

The prevailing view of Neanderthals as a feral cave dwellers — are wrong. Recent discoveries in archeology and genetics zanogo open a usual way of the Neanderthal. Specialists have deciphered the Neanderthal genome, and found that it was important tool of survival of modern humans.

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

NGO: The Secret of Maya rulers

The ruins of the great city, lost in the jungles of Central America and Mexico. Who raised these cities? Even a hundred years and the efforts of two wonderful people did not have to reveal all the secrets of the ancient Mayans. In 1839, American John Lloyd Stephens and his British partner Frederick Ketervud went to the first of his two epic journeys to Central America.

Overcoming the danger and disease, they returned from the mysterious land with amazing stories and impressive image of a once great native American civilization. After a hundred years of Mayan archeology has

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Archaeological finds turned notions of primitive man

NOVOSIBIRSK, February 1 — RIA Novosti, Maxim Koshmarchuk. Part of a stone bracelet, which, according to his age, is the oldest of the currently known female ornaments, archaeologists have found in Denisova Cave in the Altai region, a unique find completely changed scientists' ideas about the culture of prehistoric man.

Decorations for "Cinderella"

Found in the Altai bracelet "told" the archaeologists about its owner

According to RIA Novosti of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of

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Unexplained factor (Evening Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk)

"When we lived in the Soviet Union, colleagues from the West always envied us"

Vyacheslav Molodin — renowned scholar and author of several hundred scientific papers and one of the world's experts in the field of archeology and ancient history of Siberia. Archaeological Myths and Realities, causes the disappearance of cultures and unexplained findings — at a meeting in the wording of the conversation was interesting about these things.

Sensations will be many

— Vyacheslav Ivanovich, there still may be some revolutionary discoveries in archeology?

— Of course, they are. The most recent example

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