Do the RF national idea? (Poll)

National idea. What is it all the same for the concept, which is so adored operate modern municipal leaders of our country, putting it into a base of prosperity of the population?

Make a reservation at once, I believe the need for such ideas.

Surprisingly, the concept of the term is given to very few.

Namely, the philosopher Vladimir Solovyov determines its subsequent way: "Thought Civilization there is not what she thinks about themselves in time, but what God thinks about it in eternity. " Perhaps better not say.

It is impossible not to agree with Solzhenitsyn that this

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Repeat! watch online

We offer a new burlesque show Channel One, in what will accept the role: Nonna Grishaeva, Alexander Oleshko Len Sparrow, Michael Grushevskii, Valery Ponomarenko, Anna Bol'shova, Kamil Larin, Valeria Lanskaya, Daniel Sheblanov, Mark Tishman. For you to have the opportunity to behold the great number of favorite and beloved images, repeat who undertake the project participants. Each example program they will submit the tribunal jury on one character from a variety of categories (such as eg the "Politics", "TV Personalities", "Actors", "Classics of the genre of spoken," etc.).

1 issue

either here all the series

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One of the most rapidly developing regions of the Russian Federation is the Tyumen region. This is justified by the fact that the area of the federal subject has large supplies of minerals, production and sale of which brings regional and all-Russian treasury significant profits. That's why the Tyumen region is very pretty for investors who are willing to invest in the development of business projects.

Now Tyumen there is quite a shortage of professionals in various fields related to the mining industry, the construction of roads, housing, industrial buildings. Here — on the website of (bulletin board)

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